10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking Accessories

Fire pit cooking is immensely popular. Although there is plethora of options such as propane or charcoal grill, people find it thrilling to build a fire pit for cooking delicious food. The aromas imparted to delicacies by wood fire is unparalleled. Fire pits are not just for enhancing the ambience of your backyard, these can be employed for cooking as well. These come with a lot of accessories which makes it possible to manage a fire pit without any hassles.

You can employ these tools for easy and safe management of a fire pit. Here is a list of ten best outdoor fire pit cooking accessories that you can employ to manage your fire pit in an efficient manner.

1. Fire pit spark cover

Fire pit spark cover

Are you bothered about protection while using a fire pit?

After all, it is not easy to control the fire when you are using logs for forming a fire pit for a barbecue night with your family. This is when a fire pit spark cover can prove out to be of great help. This adds a protective layer around the fire pit blaze.

The covers are usually made of mesh that has been woven intricately. These are ideal for barbecues or while using fire pits in backyards. This offer safety from flying embers while you are busy making s’mores during a night out with friends or family.

2. Bellows


Bellows are employed while using fire pits for attaining hotter temperatures. These are used for raising the temperature at a rapid pace. These are long so that the task can be accomplished from a distance. You don’t have to struggle with the smoke or have to burn your fingers during the process.

3. Fire pit poker

Fire pit poker

Fire pit pokers can be employed for adjusting the logs in an easy manner. These are quite long which permits the users to reach quite deep into a fire pit for adjusting the logs. This would keep the fire going for a long time. Many come with handles so that these can be hanged near fire places for access.

4. Outdoor fire pit grate

Outdoor fire pit grate

A fire pit grate can be employed for enhancing the airflow around a fire pit. These are idea for employing a fire pit as a barbecue. Direct cooking on grate needs to be avoided. Pans and pots can be employed over the grates for cooking. These are available in a lot of sizes. Having a grate of proper size ensures that you create space for air to enter into the pit.

This grate permits cooking easily without having to struggle with the logs. You can place your pot or pan easily over the grate to craft delicious dishes. Grates are sturdy, durable and easy to clean. These offer you the freedom to cook the dish that you desire.

5. Fire Pit Shovel

Fire Pit Shovel

This is a perfect tool for digging mud for creating a fire pit. This is ideal for creating a fire pit while camping.

6. Log grabber

Log grabber

This is a must have accessory if you regularly manage fire pits. This helps in picking sticks and fire wood. Many log grabbers come with a spring loaded lever action. The spring mechanisms makes it easy to grab the log.

There is control lever for opening the jaws of the grabber. People who have back pain find this to be a great tool to help pick firewood. Many log grabbers come with tongs that can be employed for turning logs once the fire has been initiated.

7. Heat resistant gloves

Heat resistant gloves

Heat resistant gloves make wonderful accessories for handling a fire pit. These can be worn while you are trying to move the logs within. These can also be worn while you are cooking something over the grate so that you do not end up burning your hands. This is a must have accessory to any person who loves managing fire pits.

8. Instant read food thermometer

Instant read food thermometer

This is a perfect tool for people who loving cooking over a fire pit. There are a few delicacies that can be crafted at a particular temperature. You can use this thermometer to figure out whether the fire buildup is enough to craft the delicacies that you desire. This can also be used to track the temperature of the pit throughout. If the fire is dying you can feed more fuel to your fire pit.

9. Roasting sticks

Roasting sticks

What is the point of not having roasting sticks when you are building a fire pit?

These make spending time outdoors much more fun. These are heat and rust resistant. These permit you to cook the meal that you desire without having to burn your hand. Make sure you buy extra-long ones. These are portable and light in weight. This makes it easy to carry them during your camping trip as well. These can be employed for roasting fish, meat, vegetables and a lot more. Use your creativity to employ these efficiently over a fire pit.

10. Air Blower / Fire starter

Air Blower / Fire starter

A fire starter can be employed for fast stoking and kindling of wood fires. Many of these even come with an air blower. Many are designed with point and shoot feature which makes the handling of these accessories much easier. This would ease the process of managing fire pits. These are light in weight and compact. Once the fire has been build, you can employ this for feeding air into the pit for making the flame strong. This is ideal for charcoal pit. This rises the temperature of the pit making it desirable for cooking within eight or ten minutes. You don’t have to wait for a longtime for the fire to build up. This can be employed at campsites or in the backyard when you are planning to host barbecue parties.

Employ these wonderful accessories while working with a fire pit. These will make your task a lot easier. You would as well remain safe during the process.

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  • My grandfather loved to put his hands on a burning log and take it out or move it but I hate doing that so a log grabber is a must for me. I’m not that “in love” with fire and wouldn’t want to have unfortunate accidents with it.


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