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10 Best Ultralight Backpacking Cooking Gear

So, you are looking for the best cooking gear which can be easily carried when you are out hiking or camping? You are at the right place!

It is very important to refuel yourself after a long day of hiking. And if you are someone who enjoys delicious freshly-cooked meals as compared to freeze dried meals, you’ll also need to carry proper cooking gear. Apart from their functionality, it is their weight that is highly important as you don’t want to carry heavy load throughout the trip.

We have created a list of 10 best backpacking cooking gears which are durable, easy to use, highly functional and ultra light in weight.

1. Backpacking Stove

backpacking stove

Before buying the plates, spoons, and bowls, it is very important to first purchase a lightweight stove. There are several stoves now available on the market which are exclusively designed for outdoor use. While these stoves are highly compact and ultra-portable, they can be used to cook meals for an entire family or a group of hikers and campers. These stoves generally have a folding-type design with lid and carrying strap for enhanced convenience. View on Amazon

2. Electric BBQ

Electric BBQ

There are several campsites where open fires are not allowed. For such camps, an electric BBQ can be an excellent choice. It is easy to get electric hook-ups at these camps, making an electric BBQ a perfect choice. All you need to do is to connect the BBQ to the supply, adjust temperature, and you are all set to grill delicious meals. These BBQs are very portable and many of them come with removable stand. View on Amazon

3. Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Keeping your food dry, fresh and protected from bugs when you are backpacking can be difficult and this makes durable plastic containers a must. While buying such containers, make sure that they are made from BPA-free material, are highly durable, airtight, close properly and are easy to clean. Also, ensure that the containers are available in many different sizes and colors. View on Amazon

4. Cooking Pots

Cooking Pots

Cooking pots designed for outdoor use are generally made from stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. While aluminum pots are known for their affordability, stainless steel pots are more heavy duty as compared to aluminum. Titanium pots are expensive but are highly durable, lighter and very easy to clean too. Also, while buying these pots make sure that they have a non-stick coating. View on Amazon

5. Mess Kit

Mess KitTo eat the delicious meals you also need to have a good mess kit with you while camping. The camping mess kit offered by Barbeqa can be a great choice. The kit has 4 plates, bowls, and spoons which are made from 100% safe BPA-free material. The tableware items can be easily cleaned and also come with a mesh bag for enhanced convenience. View on Barbeqa

6. Coffee Maker

Coffee MakerApart from the meals, you also need a good supply of coffee when you are out camping. There are mini coffee makers available on the market which can be perfect for your outdoor adventures. They feature semi-automatic piston which works at the same pressure at which a standard coffee maker does. Once the coffee maker is loaded, it’ll only need a few lever pumps to deliver finest coffee. View on Amazon

7. Cooler

CoolerThere are many different types of coolers, like hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, etc. Moreover, the coolers are available in several capacities too. Select one as per your requirement and you’ll have easy access to fresh drinks and food. Make sure that you purchase one from a reputed brand to ensure that the cooler is able to retain ice at least for a day or two.View on Amazon

8. Kitchen Table

Kitchen TableIf you prefer camping or hiking for multiple days, you definitely need a good arrangement for a surface that can be used for preparing food or for placing stove and stashing the supplies. You can get a portable kitchen table with a solid base, vented cupboards and shelves to make the outdoor cooking process easier. Moreover, there are also tables that have built-in washbasin and racks for holding cleaning items and utensils. When done, the table can be easily folded into a bag which can be easily carried. View on Amazon

9. Roasting Sticks

Roasting SticksAn outdoor trip is incomplete without roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, etc. on bonfire or campfire. And you definitely need durable roasting sticks for the same. The marshmallow roasting sticks offered by Barbeqa are made from stainless steel and have wooden handles for enhanced safety and convenience. The sticks can be extended up to 32 inches and the heads can be removed easily for cleaning. Moreover, the sticks come with handy storage bag. View on Barbeqa

10. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning SuppliesWhen the meal is prepared and consumed, now is the time to properly clean the cookware and tableware so that they are ready to for use again. Most of the campers generally carry a scouring sponge, soap, small strainer and dish towel for cleaning the cooking gear. Make sure that you clean the items at a distance from the campsite and stream or lake to ensure that your campsite is protected from unwanted animals and reduce the effect on the aquatic habitat. View on Amazon

These are 10 of the best ultra-light backpacking cooking gear that you can carry for your outdoor adventures. Make sure that the cooking gear you select come from a reputed brand to ensure that no inconvenience is caused while camping or hiking. Also, ensure that you know the number of people that will generally travel with you before buying any cooking wear as a cookware which is not able to prepare meals for all the members at once will result in inconvenience and the cookware which is much larger than required, will only make you carry additional weight.

Ensure that you clearly understand your cooking requirements before making a purchase and the products you purchase are able to deliver the functionality you are looking for. The options mentioned above are carefully selected to take care of all your cooking, eating and drinking needs when you are outdoors and you should try to pick as many as possible from the list.

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