5 Best Campfire Food To Cook On Roasting Sticks

5 Best Campfire Food To Cook On Roasting Sticks

Camping trips can be easily streamlined by preparing meals that do not require any sort of preparation, clean-up or cookware. This is where stick cooking scores. All you need is simple things such as a wooden rod to make a meal or a tasty snack. The entire process is enjoyable and also lets you spend quality time with family and friends. There are a lot of edible items that can be cooked on a stick. In addition to marshmallows, you can use sticks to experiment other meals too.

You need a bed of hot coals to cook stick foods appropriately. This process is better than sticking the item directly into the flame. Take out sometime to build campfire. A small cooking fire can work wonders. Start roasting over the coals using a stick carefully. Choosing an appropriate stick plays a crucial role when it comes to campfire food. You need to ensure that it is long and sturdy enough so that it would not droop or scorch you. Heavy duty stainless steel sticks should be opted as these offer a plethora of advantages to the users. Try roasting these foods on the sticks!

Hot dog

It is quite surprising that people do not think about roasting hot dog on sticks. Fire roasted dishes are quite tasty in comparison to other ways in which hot dog can be cooked. Cooking this is quite simple. All you need to do is to hold the stick directly into the flame or you need to just hold the stick over the embers. All you need to do is to heat the food and eat. These do not get burnt easily.


campfire roasting sticks

Bacons are barely turned down by people irrespective of the occasion. These can be roasted on sticks and make excellent campfire food. Bacons taste best when roasted. You do not really have to carry a fry pan or start preparing several hours prior to cooking. You just need to wrap the piece around the stick and hold it over the fire. You need to be quite careful as bacon chars and burns easily. Make sure you let it cool before putting this delicious treat into your mouth.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is an ultimate mouthwatering delicacy anybody can have while on a campsite. For roasting cheese you need to find a stick that comes with a fork on the other end. You need to ensure that the fork is long and wide enough to balance the bread piece in a secure manner. All you need to do is put the piece of cheese in between two slices of bread that has been buttered and place it on the fork top. Flip the sandwich when the bottom slice turns brown and toast slowly. 


Roasting egg is somewhat advanced when it comes to cooking with a stick. This can be done only when you have mastered the art of stick cooking. You will have to experiment with methods till you find success with roasting an egg at the campsite. Once you are successful, you would not get tired of indulging in this delicious treat. The stick that you choose plays a crucial role in roasting the egg in the perfect manner. It should be designed appropriately to fit the egg between two small holes without dropping. It should even be sturdy to support the egg while it is being roasted. Once you have procured a stick that can hold the egg, you need to place it horizontally and make two holes on the tip of the egg quite carefully. You can use a pocket knife for this purpose. You need to then thread a stick thin enough through the hole that has been made on the wider end of the egg and should pass it through the hole at the narrow end. Ensure that the egg level has been maintained. You should roast it slowly over the coals and make sure that the cooking is even throughout. When the egg white no longer leaks from the holes and when the egg proves to be difficult in pulling from the stick you can be assured that you are done with roasting the egg successfully. You need to let it cool for a while and then peel it off just like you would do to an egg that is hardboiled. 

The egg can also be directly roasted by placing in the coals. All you need to do is to create a hole on the top or else it would explode. Place the egg in the embers upright. You will have to turn it so that the cooking is even. 


This is favorite choice of most of the people who love cooking at the campsites. Although marshmallow roasting is quite common, people do not follow the steps appropriately. Many people rush through the process and thrust the marshmallow directly into the flame. This can in turn char the marshmallow and spoil the show for you. Nobody likes a black, char marshmallow that although may be crispy. 

You need to cook the marshmallow appropriately so that it turns golden brown and maintains a slight crispiness on the outside. It should be gooey and hot inside. This is the definition of perfectly roasted marshmallow. You can place the marshmallow over the coal bed. You can place a wood piece in the opening, as this offers a kind of oven environment. This helps in creation of a fulcrum upon which the stick can be rested easily and can be evenly turned. If you feel the marshmallow are getting cooked early from the outside while it is still raw inside, then you can do preliminary cooking in the cooler part and then finish it off. 

Stick cooking is an art. Mastering this art comes with patience and time. You need to be ready to experiment when it comes to cooking at the campsites. Employ roasting sticks as per your requirements as this can make or break the show.

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