How To Roast Hot Dogs On A Campfire?

Whenever one is on a camping trip, the idea of cooking around the camp fire sounds amazing. Doesn’t it? Campfire cooking can never be considered to be complete without roasting delicious hot dogs. Hot dogs can be roasted in a number of ways which includes roasting on a stick, over a grill gate, in a roasting basket and within a pan. All you need to do is carry the buns and ensure that the condiments are ready so that you can customize the taste as per your choice. 

Roasting hot dogs in open flames forms perfect camping food. While you are on your camping excursion, make sure that you are getting the hot dogs along. You need to ensure that the meat is kept cold until you actually start cooking around the campfire. You do not really have to carry a lot of stuff for roasting hot dog. Just carrying ingredients and extra-long roasting sticks would help you accomplish the task. Make sure that the meat is kept away from the fire in order to avoid overcooking. Follow few simple steps and you would be ready to indulge in delicious hot dogs during your camping trip. 

campfire hot dog sticks

Step 1

Collect dry wood and place it in the fire pit. Remove the foliage if any. If the pit for the fire has not been dug sufficient enough in the ground, you will have to make use of bricks or rocks in order to shield from the wind. Add dry wood into the fire pit and light the fire. 

Step 2

In order to be able to skewer the meat, you should slice the hot dogs in the center and not all the way through. 

Step 3

Place the hot dogs appropriately on the skewers or the sticks. Press the meat so that it gets secured appropriately on the wood. This should be taken care of or else you will lose your hot dog in the fire before commencing cooking. 

Step 4

Start cooking the hot dog over the fire and make sure to rotate the stick during the entire process. This would ensure that the meat cooks evenly without burning any side. Hot dogs actually come precooked. This implies that you do not leave them cooking in the fire for more than five minutes. Once the outside turns brown and starts bubbling, your hot dog has been roasted appropriately.

Step 5

Remove the hot dog from the flames. Use a knife or fork to slide the roasted hot dog from the stick. You can place the hot dog in the bun if you have carried along. You can consider topping with the condiments desired. Consider using ketchup or mustard for the delicious taste. While roasting hot dogs you should never leave the campfire unattended. Make sure the clothing is appropriate while you have plans to cook in a campfire. Extinguish the fire entirely with water.

Roasting stick 

While roasting hot dogs on a campfire, you need to ensure that you cut the hot dog appropriately. In order to enjoy the flavor of the wood, you can cut the hot dog in a spiral around a roasting stick made of high quality material. A stainless stick will do as it is durable and easy to carry in the camping bag. The sticks are designed in a manner that these can be cleaned easily and ideal for use during camping trips where you have plans to roast lip smacking food.

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Grilling in open flames

Grill gates come with a flat and large surface and these can be used to roast hot dogs over the flame and is similar to cooking on a charcoal or gas grill. If there is a provision of utilizing grills during your camping trip, then you can cook flavored, delicious hot dogs in the fire. Grills sell camping supplies which you can purchase. Many camping areas have provisions of utilizing charcoal grills. Grill grates can be balanced over the containment system or campfire stones. The hot dogs have to be turned regularly with the use of tongs so that it can cook evenly. Not more than five minutes are required for grilling hot dogs. You can also consider placing the hot dogs on the stick and let them roast over the grill grates.

Cage roasting 

The benefits of stick roasting and grill roasting are combined in the grill baskets. This setup consists of a long handle which is connected to a rectangular basket that consists of flat grill panels. The hot dogs need to be placed on the panel. The spacing should be such that the heat gets circulated along the sides of the hot dog. The second panel needs to be closed in order to secure the hot dogs with clamps. This grill basket can be held over the campfire. Flipping should be done once in every thirty to sixty seconds. This method permits one to roast multiple quantities of hot dogs without any fear of rolling them through the edge of the grill or losing them in the fire.

Roasting in a pan 

Cast iron skillets stand the open flame and the high heat quite well of the camp fire. Hot dogs can be roasted within the pans quite easily and without the fear of burning them. Sometimes a char develops on the exterior during the process. This is because roasting on a stick permits you to rotate easily. But roasting on a pan requires you to be closer to the campfire. You may not be comfortable doing this because of the high heat. The flavor of the hot dog roasted on a stick and in a pan differs significantly. The taste of the smoke and exposure to flame imparts a different flavor to the hot dog. Roasting in a pan is much easier than roasting on a grill grate. This is because pans are safe to remove from the campfire. You can consider placing the pan on some flat rock that is positioned quite close to the campfire and this will prevent any kind of burns during roasting.

Whatever method you employ from roasting hot dogs in a campfire, using high quality stainless sticks is ideal because you have complete control over them and these are safe and easy to use during a camping trip. These can be carried easily within a backpack and the entire process is hassle-free.

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