Best Way To Make S'mores On Roasting Sticks

S’mores are made from graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolates in a traditional manner. You can make you own s’mores in an oven or by the camp fire in less than ten minutes. You just need to follow few steps and you would be ready to eat delicious s’mores. You can even consider changing the ingredients for experimenting with the flavor.

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Ingredients needed

Step 1: Start your campfire

S’mores can be made easily over fire. Making s’mores over campfire can be fun especially when you are out with your friends and family on a camping trip. The flavor imparted to any recipe alters with the kind of fuel used. Make sure you utilize dry and clean wood to start the campfire. 

Step 2: Break the graham cracker into two

When you break the cracker into two, you end up getting two graham crackers that are square in shape. This would be sufficient for making 1 s’more. You need to make use of one half for the top and the other half for the bottom. 

Step 3: Break the chocolate into smaller pieces if you have purchased a bar

The piece of chocolate that you are using in this recipe must be smaller than the graham cracker that you are using. Make sure to break the chocolate into smaller pieces if you have a large piece of chocolate. 

Step 4: Adjust the chocolate between the cracker layers

Place the piece of chocolate between the layers of Graham cracker. 

Step 5: Toast the marshmallow

Place the marshmallow on a roasting stick so that it sits clean. Hold the stick in such a manner that the marshmallow is over the flames. Roast it slowly and rotate it so that the cooking is uniform. Utilize quality sticks to skewer the marshmallow. Be careful not to burn your hand. When your marshmallow turns golden-brown in color, it is done. Continue roasting the marshmallow over fire if your desire. Do not burn it or else you will have to start all over again with a fresh piece of marshmallow.

Step 6: Place the roasted marshmallow over the chocolate

Carefully remove the marshmallow from the skewer and transfer it over the top of the chocolate. 

Step 7: Place the cracker on the chocolate and marshmallow

Press the graham cracker over the chocolate and marshmallow. The chocolate will melt because of hot marshmallow. This will help in fusing the ingredients well between the crackers. 

Step 8: Serve your s’mores!

Wait for a couple of minutes before serving the delicacy that your crafter so that the marshmallow cools down and would not burn the mouth.
Making s’mores is simple. The traditional recipe makes use of chocolates and marshmallow. You can instead consider experimenting and come up with your own version of s’mores.

Use gourmet chocolate

Instead of utilizing a dark or milk chocolate, you can consider using chocolates that come filled with mint, peanut butter or caramel for a twist. Chocolates that consist of groundnut as well taste delicious when used in crafting s’mores. You can also experiment with chocolates that come with mint filling. Instead of using regular crackers, you can consider using crackers made of chocolate. Try using a strip of fried bacon over chocolate that has been filled with caramel. If you are not fond of bacon, you can consider using caramel chocolate that has been salted. 

Consider adding fruits to your s’mores recipe

If you are looking to enhance flavors in your s’mores recipe, then you can consider adding slices of fruits. Bananas and strawberries taste amazing when they are paired with chocolates. You can also consider using other fruits. Raspberries would also work well. Most of the fruity s’mores recipes employ either strawberries or bananas. You can even consider layering the graham cracker with chocolate spread. There is no rule that you need to make use of hard chocolate. Chocolate spread with hold the fruit slices together and prevent them from slipping out of the crackers.

Experiment with spreads

Chocolate and marshmallow spreads are easily available. Using spreads can actually make your task a lot easier. Most of the spreads come with a hazelnut flavor and this would further enhance the flavor of your s’mores recipe. You can also consider using chocolate sauce. Bring in creativity in your s’mores recipe!

Try using candies instead of chocolates

The chocolate in the s’mores recipe can be replaced with candies for a twist. Peanut butter cups can also be utilized. You can also employ peanut butter if you are fond of it. Banana tastes well with peanut butter. The more you experiment, the more you learn about the combinations. If you are in mood for a creamy treat, then try utilizing vanilla creamy spreads on your graham crackers. You can also opt for other flavors. You can also experiment with the flavors of the graham crackers. Try crackers with cinnamon in them. A strip of black or red licorice on the chocolate before placing the marshmallow on it can bring in a unique twist to the flavor. 

Consider roasting the entire s’mores instead of the marshmallow

For this, you need to assemble the entire s’more. Then you need to wrap it in a foil that has been oiled slightly. Fold the ends of the foil so that the s’more has been sealed carefully inside. Heat the entire packet that you have created and roast over the campfire for not more than three minutes. Make sure to rotate the packet utilizing tongs so that it gets cooked evenly. The packet can also be heated over the grill. Be careful about the temperature at which you are cooking. S’mores can be made in numerous ways. But cooking with family in the campfire is more fun than anything else. Get creative with the recipe and follow the tips mentioned in this article to craft delicious treats during your camping trip.

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