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10 Best Outdoor Campfire Cooking Equipment

The kind of campfire cooking equipment that you may require depends upon a lot of parameters. The decision of purchase is dependent of the kind of dishes you wish to cook or the kind of camping you are headed to. You can carry a lot of equipments of you are just camping at a cabin. You can carry fancy cooking tools to heavy grilling equipments. All you need to do is be aware of your requirement. The recipes that you would be trying out will help you choose the right equipment to carry with you. The portability also plays a key role in determining which equipment to carry along over a camping trip. Here is a list of 10 best outdoor campfire cooking equipment that you can consider carrying along for your camping trip to craft delicious delicacies for friends and family.

1. Spit or Campfire Tripod

campfire tripod

A tripod is an ideal way of cooking over a fire pit or campfire. This is a classic cooking equipment over campfire and permits you to hang cooking tools easily over the fire. You can hang kettles, hang pots that come with loop handles, hand a grill gate or a leg of lamb on a string for roasting. The best thing is that disassembling is quite easy. The set up can be folded and carried out easily.

2. Roasters or long-handled skillets

long skillet

There are several kinds of pans and pots that are ideal for campfire cooking. The long handle ones are great when you are looking for skillets as these can be managed easily from a distance around fire. Dutch ovens and cast iron pots are ideal as they can withstand and hold heat in an efficient manner. Cast iron pots with loop handles and feet are ideal for placing on top on embers or these can also be suspended from a tripod. However, it seems quite heavy to carry cast iron around. Lighter weight pans and metal pots can also be purchased. 

3. Long-handled skewers

marshmallow skewers

Skewer cooking simplifies the entire process of campfire cooking. All you need to do is to start the fire and place some food on the skewer and hold over the fire. These are telescoping and can be folded into small size. Hence, this can be packed easily. This is ideal for cooking sausages, game birds and hot dogs.

4. Portable burners or grills

camping grill

There are several kinds of burners and grills that can be carried around while camping. These vary from charcoal to gas grills. These can fit into the car easily. You will have to carry propane or charcoal. Portable, small propane tanks are easily available.

5. Dutch oven

Dutch oven

You can carry a Dutch oven which can help you cook desserts and dinners. The legs help the oven to stay above the ground. This permits air circulation over the coals. The long handle permits to access the lid easily and also remove the oven from fire. It simplifies the cooking experience while camping.

6. Cast iron pots

Cast iron pots

Cast iron pots are quite popular campfire cooking equipments as these can withstand high temperatures. These may not be ideal for backpackers as these are quite heavy. This is ideal to carry when you are driving to the campsite. This can also be placed over a tripod as it can be hanged to a chain from tripod. 

7. Fire pit

Fire pit

A portable fire pit is a light weight alternative to a grill. This can prove out to be beneficial even if the campfire is small. These run on propane and many feature automatic igniters. The features offered are dependent on the brand you are opting for and the money that you are ready to spend. A regulator helps you in controlling the flame size. This consumes less time when it comes to fire preparation.

8. Trail stove

camping stove

This is light and considered to be a best option for a hiker. You will need a lighter or matches for starting the gas. It is a reliable and durable option. You also need to stock gas if you are going on a long trip. The flames can boil water within five minutes. Strong wind can however prove to put off the flame.

9. Campfire rotisserie

campfire rotisserie

This is a great campfire cooking equipment that can be employed for roasting big cuts of pork, beef, leg of lamb and poultry. Many can be folded easily in a sack and can be carried around without any hassles. Most of them are battery operated and you do not even have to take the trouble of turning the meat with your hand.

10. Pie iron sandwich cooker

Pie iron

This is an all-time favorite amongst campers. This is made of solid cast iron that is sturdy. Many come with steel handles that are chrome plated and considered to be one of the best designs. It is quite simple to use. All you need to do is to place bread that has been buttered into the shell compartment. Do not forget to stuff the bread with meat, pie filling or cheese. Choose whatever you wish to have in the filling. Close the lid carefully and then toast over the fire. This would barely take five minutes. This is also suitable for backyard fire pits or while camping.

Campfire cooking can prove out to be daunting if you do not have the necessary cooking equipments. You need to go through the uses of all the equipments before purchasing one. Decide the recipes that you would want to craft and then opt for the purchase. If you are a frequent camper, you would be aware of which equipment to carry and which one to leave at home. It depends upon where you are camping and the facilities that would be made available at the campsite. Make sure to have a compilation of recipes so that you can get a better understanding of the cooking gear required. This can actually be fun. Enhance your cooking skills and make the right choice.

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  • From your list, my most liked has to be the Dutch oven because I tried it a few times and the food is absolutely delicious! You just have to taste it to believe how flavor filled it can be by simply cooking it in this type of oven.


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