5 Best Portable Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

5 Best Portable Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

A steamy cup of coffee seems to be the best way you can start your morning while you are on a long trek. You as well start craving for a warm meal after a long trek at the end of the day. You can bring in creativity when it comes to food with backpacking stoves. These are convenient and light. Wood stoves are quite popular amongst trekkers who love doing things in a traditional manner. This is more or less similar to a campfire experience. However, it is just efficient and quicker.

There are several kinds of stove available such as canister stoves, alcohol stoves and a lot more from which the hikers can pick. These are compact and can be carried in a backpack so that a hot meal can be cooked at the end of the day. Wooden stoves have been used since ages by people. This is because of the accessibility of fuel. In other kinds of stoves, if the fuel supply runs out, then you will have to suffer. This is not the case with a wood stove. You will never run out of fuel supply and these are easy to operate.

There are several advantages of using a wood stove. Minimal fuel cost, weight and is also a renewable source. There are several kinds of portable wood burning backpacking stoves available in the market. Here are the five best kinds you can pick from for your next camping trip.

1. Double wall gasifier stove

Double wall gasifier stove

This is a natural convection and double-wall gasifier stove. This is effective and efficient. The fire is fed from the above and below from the air intake holes. This results in the burn being less smoky and hot. No windscreen is required and this would not even char the ground beneath the stove. You do not really have to carry fuel with this stove and this is where it scores. This is ideal for use for cooking for one or two people.

2. Collapsible wood stoves

Collapsible wood stoves

There are several popular wood stove available. These come with metal panels and are light in weight thereby making them ideal for carrying during a long trek. The BushBox Titanium, Vargo Titanium Hexagon, QiWiz Firefly UL and Emberlit Fireant Titanium are few popular collapsible stoves that are available in the marketplace today. The design of these stoves is such that these come in smaller pack sizes and their weight is reduced. These wood stoves are quite easy to use. These stoves comprise of a box that can support a pot and hold fire. Few collapsible stove designs come with openings so that the stove can be fed from the side. The only drawback associated with collapsible stoves is that these require one to assemble the parts. This can prove out to be messy especially when the stove has been covered in soot. These are also not efficient when it comes to burning. A double walled stove would accomplish this task in much better manner. These cannot maintain heat in a consistent manner.

3. Turbo / Zip stoves

Turbo / Zip stoves

A turbo or zip stove is a kind of wood stove that permits you to force the entry of fresh air into the stove. An electric stove is employed for this purpose. A hose can also be blown by the user. A bellow or foot/hand pump can also be employed for the purpose. The flow of air speeds up the burning of the wood. This also enhances the efficiency of the fuel thereby permitting you to cook food with less quantity of fuel. Many zip stoves come with a fan that is battery operated for sustaining fire. The steel version of zip stoves is quite heavy to carry in a backpack as they weigh over a pound. The best thing is that you would not have to carry the fuel when it comes to these stoves. There are several other variations available that are lighter than the steel versions of these stoves. The titanium version weighs only ounce. The batteries can be recharged with the aid of solar cells in most of the stoves. This helps in running the fan.

4. Tube / Can stoves

Tube / Can stoves

The simpler the design of a stove is, the lighter and less complicated it is to use. This is because they do not require fans or watertight joints which also contribute to the cost. Few designs of stoves just come with ventilated tubes or steel cans. Few designs are sophisticated and promote complete combustion of the fuel during the gasification process. Several portable designs of wood stoves made from titanium and steel have been in use since 1800s. Many stoves are just made of metal sheet or are titanium pots. Those looking for a light weight option can opt for aluminum flashing. This fits into the budget and is an ideal option for a hiker. Once it is fired-up, it would be hot enough for you to cook your meal. Many trail stoves are available for $20 and come with a tube and hose for the purpose of blowing. This is light in weight. The simple conical design ensures that the burning of wood and twigs is efficient. The entire setup is simple and is not complicated with the use of moving parts such as fans.

5. Wood gas stoves

Wood gas stoves

When the wood is heated up sufficiently followed by gasification, the burning potential just increases. This results in less smoke. These stokes are however complicated in comparison to tin can that comes with holes punched into them that renders then light in weight. The design of gas stoves results in less emissions and clean cooking. The fuel efficiency is also high. This is ideal for people who have access to limited resources. If you are trekking, then you will have to pack less wood pellets.

There are several options available when it comes to wood stoves. It is up to the camper to decide which one to carry along while going on a trek.

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