16 Best Backpacking Breakfast Ideas

16 Best Backpacking Breakfast Ideas

Starting a day fresh is very important as it affects the performance of any human being on a particular day. Without any doubt, every human being must try by all means to prepare breakfast that is tasty and mouthwatering. But, there is more to a breakfast meal than just being tasty and mouthwatering. Breakfast meals are also supposed to be rich in nutrients for them to provide the much needed energy for taking on the day. In order to start your day on a bright note and increase your chances having a great day, you can take advantage of the following tantalizing choices of breakfast ideas. You can choose to prepare natural foods for your breakfast or rely on highly processed food choices. Further, most of the choices indicated below are simple and straight forward. Therefore, it is a great combination of food treats that you will live to remember. Have one of these in your backpack and you will be on course for a memorable breakfast experience.

1. The proBars meal

The proBars meal

Bars are amazing choices of breakfast treats that any human being would love to consume. They are rich in energy and are thus perfect for inclusion in any breakfast meal. Most notably, they can singlehandedly provide all the needs of the consumer ranging from taste to energy requirements. It features nuts, dried fruits and seeds in a single package. The meal tastes like real food and is thus consumable by individuals who are not averse to eating processed foods. It is definitely what you want for your breakfast since it is also easy to prepare and pack.

2. Oat Bars

Oat Bars

Oat bars are unique in a number of ways. But, they share many attributes with the pro bars. But, they are capable of doing more than act as fillers. They are tasty and come with around 360 calories. These attributes make them capable of sustaining any consumer from morning to breakfast. To increase the chances of meeting the needs of every consumer, the makers of these amazing treats have widened the choices. Therefore, the oat bars exist in many flavors including peanut butter and coconut. Like the pro bar meal, this one is also very easy to pack and prepare.

3. The instant Oat meal

The instant Oat meal

You have obviously had enough of the bars and their usual filling nature coupled with a mouthwatering attribute. If you have had enough of the bars, you may find it helpful to switch to the oat meal. Even if it features some attributes which are closely related to those of the bars, it is unique in its own respect. For example, it is actually more filling than the oat bars. The oat meal is also very easy to prepare and is tasty. Over the years, many choices of the oat meals have been produced. Therefore, it is quite easy to lay hands on your favorite choice. Based on the fact that the fact that they can be prepared instantly by simply boiling water and adding them, they are often referred to as instant oat meals.

4. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

If you are used to consuming oats and bars for breakfast, you will obviously attest to the suitability of such foods for consumption during breakfast. Their filling and tasty nature accounts for their use as breakfast treats. But, they sometimes lose that ability to capture the attention of consumers. In such cases, you can switch to scrambled eggs. These are perfect breakfast substitutes since they can be prepared in multiple ways. For example, you can lay hands on the precooked freeze dried scrambled eggs.

5. Wild rice cereal

Wild rice cereal

If you are sick and tired of oats and you cannot deal with the oil that comes with fried scrambled eggs, you can perhaps switch to the natural wild rice. Even if it may not instantly capture your attention, it is an amazing breakfast treat that can leave you satisfied for a lengthy period of time. This is perhaps one of the most nutritious choices of breakfast packs that are available today. It serves you up to 4 grams of roughage, just under 10 grams of protein and has an amazing collection of calories reaching up to 240 in magnitude.

6. Pizza grits

Pizza grits

Consuming pizza grits is an alternative to all the choices indicated above. But, these are said to be boring when consumed without any additives. It is for this reason that they have to be consumed along with several additives. For example, you can fortify them using dried fruit to extend their tasty nature. Meat and veggies can be added for purposes of making the grits tastier and more mouthwatering. The pizza grits are perfect for consumption during breakfast as they also possess a filling attribute and they can be prepared in multiple ways.

7. Sweet potato bark

Sweet potato bark

The sweet potato bark can make a perfect breakfast pack. It comes with a combination of all the nutrients that any person can consuming when starting the day. The treat is unique and tasty and is very easy to prepare. You can use a single large sweet potato or two average sized ones. Each of the combinations results in a mouthwatering treat that is perfect enough to meet the nutritional needs of any consumer. A number of additives may be included for purposes of making the treat tastier. For example, you can add a cup of apple juice and a teaspoon of Cinnamon to make the meal even more flavored and eye capturing.

8. Mashed sweet potato

Mashed sweet potato

In case you are not averse to the consumption of sweet potato bark, you can resort to the mashed type. This is an amazing alternative to the sweet potato. It is both easy to prepare and is comprehensively endowed with all the much needed nutrients for consumers. You can prepare this meal in multiple ways depending on your personal preferences. But, the use of a blender is often preferred. The use of a blender is only called to attention after the sweet potatoes have been boiled. This is also coupled with the addition of apple juice and butter.

9. Rice pudding

Rice pudding

This recipe can be served as a backpacking dessert or for breakfast. It is quite easy to prepare and comes with a vast collection of nutrients. Based on its filling attributes, combination of roughage and calories, it is good enough to meet the needs of any consumer. It is the treat you want to consume when you are interested in running on a single meal from breakfast to lunch. When served as a breakfast dessert, it is often prepared in a lighter manner. But, it is still rich in energy and still comes with its stomach filling attributes. It can also be prepared in multiple ways. It can also be prepared by including raisings and cinnamon.

10. Gravy with mountain house biscuits

Gravy with mountain house biscuits

From the outset, this recipe will obviously appear too simple to meet the needs of a consumer. But, is actually more than enough. The fact that it is simple and is not laborious to prepare makes it a perfect breakfast treat. It can serve as dinner or more. But, is often perfect for consumption during breakfast. It is mouthwatering, rich in fiber and also produces the stomach filling effect following consumption. They are quite crunchy and have a unique feel in the hands. Their freshness also accounts for their mouthwatering nature.

11. Mocha Mouse pie

Mocha Mouse pie

This is yet another remarkable choice of breakfast pack that you can go for. It drifts away from the choices indicated earlier because it is generally sweeter than anything indicated earlier. Most often, it is served as a dessert although it can also be a perfect substitute for most backpack servings. Individuals who love chocolate would certainly love this choice of treat. It comes with a lot of calories whose magnitude stretches beyond 400 coupled with a lot of carbohydrates.

12. Oatmeal with apples and raisings coupled with Cinnamon

Oatmeal with apples and raisings coupled with Cinnamon

Apples and raisings are both perfect inclusions of a breakfast backpack meal. This treat is very tasty and quite easy to prepare. It is often prepared with an old fashioned collection of oats. What makes it different from all the oat meals indicated earlier is the fact that it features traditional oats coupled with raisings and apples. It is a meal rich in a lot of calories thus making it perfect for consumption during breakfast. Up to 382 calories can be reaped from this serving, although this can be extended by modifying the recipe.

13. Protein bars

Protein bars

These are amazing choices that can be served for breakfast in different ways. They are rich in energy but also come with a protein content that the body needs for its development and replacement of worn out cells. Lara bars and Kind bars are some of the major examples that fall into this category.

14. Honey sesame sticks

Honey sesame sticks

These are perfect for consumption as they come with a tantalizing taste and comprehensive collection of calories. They can keep you in perfect shape from morning to afternoon.

15. Crackers


Without any doubt, crackers are amazing choices of treats that are worth including in any breakfast treat. They can serve around 140 calories per ounce and come with a lot of vegetable fat. You can prepare DIY crackers or simply lay hands on shelf brands such as Petit Beurre choices.

16. Dried fruits with oats

Dried fruits with oats
The oats are back again. But, this time around they feature dried fruits and milk. They can be prepared in the same way as traditional oats. But the use of dried fruits instead of the common raisings and apple juices is recommended.

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