7 Best Camping Pots And Pans

Campers are aware of how crucial it is to have best camping pots and pans. It is better to invest in camping cookware accessories that are sturdy and would last for a long time no matter whether you use it at the campsite or in your kitchen. You do not have to invest in expensive ones hoping that they would serve you for years. You need to invest in the right cookware that is built to last and serve their purpose.

Here is a list of 7 best camping pots and pans:

1. Skillet with lid

Skillet with lid

No cooking activity is complete without a skillet. It is ideal for browning meat or large quantities of vegetables.

You can use this cookware for roasting a whole chicken or for other delicacies that involve pan roasting. A skillet is idea for reducing sauces and for braising. Several skillets come with a lid that fits perfectly. Many skillets are oven safe. Purchasing one will serve dual purpose.

You can craft single-pan delicacies easily in a skillet with a lid. Make sure to purchase one with a tri-ply construction. Stainless steel retains a lot of heat and is heavy.

You can opt for an aluminum skillet as well which transfers heat really fast and is light in weight. A combination of aluminum and stainless steel skillet would distribute heat evenly, offer maximum browning and help in heat retention. It would eliminate cold and hot spots.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is a favourite amongst campers. All you need to do us use a cast iron skillet if you wish to craft a delicacy in intense heat that lasts.

It can be utilized for frying chicken, cooking pizzas, giving golden-brown crusts on corn bread, crisping bacon, paddling troublemakers and searing steaks.

This would make a wonderful addition to your camping cookware accessories. Cast iron skillets are quite easy tom maintain.

You can opt for a 10 or 11 inch model which would offer you plenty of space to craft delicacies during camping and it would not prove out to be heavy to handle.

3. Non-stick skillet

Non-stick skillet

Many campers prefer opting for a non-stick skillet for several reasons. This is ideal for cooking frittatas, pancakes, omelettes and a lot more which involves flipping steps.

A non-stick pan should never be heated up until it turns smoking hot which is the case which most stainless skillets. Opt for a design that ensures even distribution of heat.

Having one with a cover will help in steaming omelettes and fried eggs. Opt for a sturdy design preferably made of hard-anodized aluminium. Opting for a heavy design that comes with a tight fitting glass lid would prove out to be beneficial while crafting one pan meals. The best thing is that these are inexpensive too.

4. A saucier


Saucepans make wonderful additions to camping pots and pans collection. Make sure you choose a design which you are comfortable working with.

People are not usually fond of squared edges. As it is hard to whisk or stir out. A round design helps in combining ingredients effortlessly.

You can opt for a 3-quart size saucier for your camping trips which is large enough to serve up to 6 people.

A saucier can also be utilized for cooking pasta if you prefer low-water and low-heat method for cooking penne or spaghetti.

This would offer you quick and no fuss delicacy in couple of minutes when you are famished after a day filled with camping fun. In addition, you can use these to poach or boil eggs as well.

5. A Wok

A Wok

A wok is undoubtedly a versatile tool which any camper can use. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

You can use it for steaming, braising and smoking. This is one of the best cookware for deep-frying owing to the shape and the large volume it offers.

You can fit in a lot of food in it and it demands minimal usage of oil for crafting delicacies.

You do not have to fear splattering or overflowing while using a wok. A skillet is not just a vessel that is ideal for stir-frying. A wok is also qualifies for the purpose.

A stir-fry delicacy from a cast iron wok tastes delicious when compared to that crafted in a skillet owing to its material, shape and the way in which heat transfer occurs.

6. An Dutch oven

Dutch oven

If you are looking for a vessel that would be ideal for soups and slow braises, then you need to add an enamelled or cast iron Dutch oven to your collection.

Heavy lid and thick walls ensure slow heat transfer in a Dutch oven. This implies that your pot roasts and stews will be juicy and tender. Minimal evaporation is achieved while cooking in an enamelled Dutch oven. This would offer you splatter-free browning and permits easy cooking.

You can use a Dutch oven for crafting one pot meals and also helps in browning large amounts of vegetables and meat as it permits plenty of retention of heat. Dutch oven is a wonderful option for deep frying if you do not wish to purchase a wok.

7. A stock pot


It is must for every camper to have atleast one stock pot. This is ideal if you wish to boil a country ham for your entire camping group.

You can use it in your kitchen for stocking your supply of pasta sauce that would last for a season. A stock pot is large enough to help you craft 4 to 5 pounds of pasta which would help you feed your entire camping crowd.

This is a perfect camping gear for a large crowd and this is the reason why campers prefer buying a stock pot. Heat retention is not a concern when you are opting for a stock pot.

Make sure that the metal is thick enough so that it does not end up burning anything that is resting on the surface of the bottom.


  • I agree with Dennis: there’s nothing better than a non-stick skillet. Yet, I also think a Dutch oven can come in handy when going camping. There are so many delicious recipes one can do using it and everything tastes so good when done in a Dutch oven. I rest my case.

  • The particular non-stick skillet is the should have when going outdoor camping! You don’t want in order to have something stick to your needs cookware when you are camping out

    jannie westberg
  • The non-stick skillet is a must have when going camping! You don’t want to have something stick to your pans when you are camping (believe me, I’ve had it happen and it’s not pretty at all).


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