How To Build A Square Fire Pit With Pavers?

square fire pit

An outside fire pit is the perfect place where you can get cozy with the entire family when it is cold or roast marshmallows with your friends on a summer evening. You, together with your friends and family, can get hours of enjoyment after you use the pavers to make your fire pit.

Choose the location: decide where you want to have the pit fire. It should not be too close to the house or the smoke may be blown within the open windows. When possible, you should choose a location which is not too close to any bushes or trees to avoid cases of fire hazard.

Decide the size: decide if you want a small or large fire area. Then measure the radius and the height and calculate the total square footage. You can use a calculator to help determine about the right size you will need to put in the place you have chosen.

Buy the brick pavers: there are many manufacturers of brick pavers, and you can get pieces that have already been installed. This is easier compared to buying the paving stones that are loose, so you will be able to create the fire pit faster.

Clear the place where you will put the pit: you should dig 6 inches deeper than the bottom of the fire pit will be.

Pour the base: lay a gravel base of at least three inches think and compact the gravel until they become flat.

Make the first layer: you should take the paving stones and place them on the outer circle of the fire pit.

Add more base: when you have made the first layer, you should add even more base inside in order to create additional stability.

You should lay the new layer at directly on the first layer so that they can make the joints with every layer under the solid paving stone. You should repeat this until you have reached the height you want.

To have a more durable fire pit, you have to use landscaping adhesive between every layer.

Many people are already aware that a fire pit is a small pit where they can safely start a fire so that they can sit and enjoy it with their family and friends. They are not a new idea since they have been in use for many years now. There is no way to deny that it is a great option for social and family gatherings. You may sit around it to chat while enjoying the radiance and the warmth that comes from it. You may also use it to cook when you go camping with your family.

However, you should be aware of the right steps to take so that you can create the perfect pit. This is among the most asked questions whenever any person is thinking about building a fire pit. The key is to get to know the basics first and the rest will come on its own. When you start to look for the area to build your pit, ensure that it is a place where there is no combustible material which may be set on fire. When you choose an open space, you will be able to take full advantage of the benefits that the fire pit is able to give.

To be sure about the selected place

You have to be sure about the place that you have chosen – that it is the safest and most idyllic location. Now you are able to start learning how to properly build the fire pit. You should decide about the place where you want it and how large you wish to have it. Everything will depend on the type and the size of the pit that you wish to have. You should not think about having a pit that is too big since it may lead to some problems. The best fire pit should have the circumference of at least two or three pits.

When to build the firepit

When you have finished with the selection and the measurement, then it is time to build the fire pit. You may need to have some marking equipment and some type of digging tool. First you should mark out the desired shape of the fire pit and you may start digging at once. You need to make sure that you dig deep enough in order to accommodate the source of the fuel that you will have to use. When you have finished, you may get brick pavers for your fire pit, which will make it safer.

Pit is ready to use

To make the pit ready to be used, you should add pea gravel and sand in the hole, and this will form the basis for everything. You need to let everything settle overnight, and the next morning you can start to add the foundation and the concrete so that it can be permanent. The process is this simple, so you should not worry too much about whether you will be able to successfully complete the process of building a fire pit. Now you can have your own fire pit and you can even help some of your friends to learn how to build theirs.

Selection of material for a pit

When it comes to choosing the right material for your pit, you may have to choose between concrete and pavers. However, there are many reasons why most people choose pavers and not the concrete. The concrete may seem to save you at the beginning, but for long term benefits, it is always better to choose the pavers. The pavers are 267 percent stronger compared to the concrete. When any of the pavers get a crack, it is much easier to repair, so this should be considered among the benefits of pavers and why they should be given priority. The pavers also offer better resale value if you are looking to sale or think you might sell in the future. The pavers are known to be easy to maintain, and they are also versatile, safe and durable. They can be customized to be as you wish.

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