How To Build A Simple Fire Pit For Cooking?

simple fire pit

A simple fire pit is something that just about anyone will be able to build. There are different types of pits that can be created. Defined in the simplest way, a fire pit is an outdoor spot where you light up your fire and enjoy time with friends and family. Gathering around a fire is amazing as you enjoy some drinks or food while bonding.

If you are able to design your pit carefully and when you have a few fire pit cooking accessories, you will actually be able to really enjoy your time by the fire. Grill accessories can also be very helpful as you can use the fire pit to roast or cook food. Meat when cooked over a fire is always very good. Marshmallow roasting sticks can also be used in the making of smores.

The best thing about a fire pit is the fact that you can choose to make a temporary one or a permanent one. The materials that are used in the making of a fire pit are also very readily available. You will need to have some space in the backyard or somewhere else in an open space. You need to know that the location of a fire pit is very critical. How you build the fire pit will greatly depend on the lactation where you intend to place it and all the materials that you have available with you. You also have to consider whether you want the pit to be used as a grill too.

Some of the fire pits are very easy to make all by yourself. However, for anyone who isn’t so thrilled about getting dirty with all the work, then you can find portable fire pits that are premade. There are also those that are very easy to assemble and they work amazingly well at home.

The types of fire pits that are made at home

The types of fire pits include:

Stone fire pits or campfire pits: if there is a non-flammable surface and an open space, then it becomes very easy to build a very nice site for the fire pit that is a bonfire type. If you are creative enough, you can rig a grill over the fire or even a tripod for oven kind of cooking.

The temporary cinderblock fire pit: this can be built using supplies from the local hardware store or even a store for home supplies. With this, it is very easy to build a very sturdy fire pit in your backyard.

Temporary brick fire pit: this is quite similar to the cinderblock fire pit. You can use red bricks which are the standard or any other material that you have so as to have a quick fire to cook on and relax around.

A permanent stone fire pit: this kind of fire pit has got a very nice rustic look. It is a very perfect complement to an outdoor setting, a country home or even a ranch.

Permanent fire pit made of bricks: if your home has a lot of room within, you should consider installing a brick fire pit which is permanent. If it is the right size and if you get some awesome accessories for grilling, fire pit cooking becomes very easy. With a fire pit available, you can enjoy your bbq, hot dogs and so on. Creating a pit fire is an amazing idea, especially when camping. There are lots of pit fire ideas that can be applied so as to make an easy area for cooking.

How to do it?

There are many methods that can be applied in order to put your cheap fire pit in place fast and easy. Regardless of how simple or complex you want the fire pit to be, there are some very basic steps that you need to have in mind.

Footing preparation: this is the very first thing that has to be considered. Before you even start digging that footing, you have to select a location that is ideal for the fire pit. You should use a hammer in order to drive the pole to the ground so as to mark the area that will serve as the fire pit center. If you want a fire pit that is around 5 feet in diameter, then you should measure 2½ feet to serve as a radius and to make the center of the pit. You need to draw your circle using marking paint to have a complete circle with the string serving as the radius. You also have to determine the area that will be the inner circle and then draw this too. When the markings are complete, you can start digging. You have to dig down before building up in order to make sure that the walls of the pit have a very strong base and that it won’t sink into soil. You need the right equipment for this job.

Pour footing: the concrete has to be mixed well with water to come up with a consistency which is thick just like peanut butter. Wear a safety mask to protect yourself from the dust. The mixture has to be poured into the circular hole that you created. You should smooth the surface. The rebar has to be bent and then placed into the concrete. A hammer can be used to get your rebar some inches below to strengthen the footing.

Set the stones: before you begin, have separate piles for the capstones. These are used as finishing stones and they also act as the exterior wall top. Save the stones that have the surfaces that are flattest to serve as the capstones. Mix the mortar and include lime to strengthen it more. Mix well with your premix and water until you have the consistency that is just smooth. Start placing the perimeter stones. After this you will have to set the interior firebricks.

Round the fire pit to come up with a structure that is circular. Soften the stone corners.

Continue the stone laying and ensure that the mortar doesn’t cover the stone front that has been established. Firebricks should be used for the fire pit insides.

Make a grill base to use on the fire pit. This only requires you to pull a few firebricks from all others.

Set capstones.

Do some finishing.

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