8 Best Cast Iron Campfire Cookware

8 Best Cast Iron Campfire Cookware

Cast iron cookware are immensely popular. This is because these are fabricated easily and have wonderful heat retention abilities. Rusting is prevented by protecting the cast iron base with seasoning. This results in an interface that is non-sticky. Cast iron cookware are widely used for crafting campfire delicacies. These include waffle irons, Dutch ovens, deep fryers, griddles, grills, panini presses and a lot more. Cast iron cookware are economical and can be utilized in crafting a lot of dishes based on your requirements. From gravy to biscuits, you can craft anything in your cast iron campfire cooking equipment. These can also be used for drying, making French toast or for cooking a chicken. Cast iron cooking equipments are ideal for use over campfire because of their ability to withstand heat.

1. Cast iron Dutch oven

Cast iron Dutch oven

A Dutch oven usually comprises of a rimmed lid, wire bail handles and comes with three legs. The oven maintains heat uniformly within. Cast iron is employed for making Dutch oven usually. These are quite popular when it comes to outdoor activities. Even and slow cooking can be done with the aid of cast iron Dutch oven. The food is kept warm because of a tight fitting lid. Easy lifting is permitted by a wire handle. The surface is easy to clean. Cast iron ovens last long owing to their durability. These are also resistant to warping and chipping.

2. Campfire cooking tripod

Campfire cooking tripod

Campfire cooking tripod is the perfect solution to the cooking needs to campers. This permits one to cook a soup, boil eggs and hot dogs in addition to performing a lot of other cooking tasks. This is done over open fire and one does not need to bother about cleaning the cooking surface. A stable base is offered by the sturdy legs of tripod. Tripods have been used as outdoor cooking equipments from over years. This setup can hold cast iron cookware and can be folded once the task is accomplished thereby permitting easy storage. These stands come with a chain that permits the adjustment of height. Coffee pots, Dutch ovens and a lot more accessories can be hanged over fire with the aid of tripod stand.

3. Cast iron sandwich toaster

Cast iron sandwich toaster

Sandwich toasters come with ribs that permits in perfectly sealing the ingredients within the slices of bread. These can be easily used during camping. A standard size of bread can easily be accommodated in this sandwich toaster. Steady heat is maintained by this cast iron sandwich toaster. Long handles are available for easy usage.

4. Reversible griddle

Reversible griddle

Reversible griddles are crafted from high-quality cast iron and come skillet on one side and a griddle on the other side. This reversibility makes this an ideal choice for use during campfire cooking. The skillet is ideal for cooking eggs, pancakes, biscuits and a lot of other delicacies. When the griddle side is used, hotdogs, sausage links and chicken breast can be grilled. There is an option to lock the setup. The griddle is pre-seasoned.

5. Cast-iron skillet

Cast-iron skillet

Cast-iron skillets are quite popular when it comes to outdoor camping equipments. These come with assist handles for preparation and transferring of meats and hot sauces. These are designed in a manner that these are light in weight although cast iron does add to the weight of the equipment. Most of the skillets are pre-seasoned and hence this removes the need for seasoning the pan. Skillets made of cast iron can withstand a lot of heat and this makes them an idea campfire cooking equipment. Skillets can also be used as grill if you do not own one because of high heat retention properties. You can easily cook steak on a cast iron skillet if you do not have a grill.

6. Cast iron cornbread pan

Cast iron cornbread pan

Have you ever tasted corn bread that has been baked in a pan made of cost iron? It has a buttery crust and looks golden. In addition, it looks like ears of corn because of the imprint. Campers are always looking for creative options while camping with large groups. This is when you can think of owning a cast iron cornbread pan which offers you delicious corn bread while you are hiking outdoors. These pans are quite famous owing to their durability. These are resistant to warping and chipping. Great heat retention and distribution can be expected in cast iron cornbread pans. These are easy to clean and retain the food warm for long.

7. Cast iron kettle

Cast iron kettle

The best thing about cast iron kettle is that these withstand cooking temperatures that are high. These come with steel handle which renders them portable. Cast iron kettles are ideal for crafting your favorite delicacies over campfire. Kettles made of cast iron have been used over centuries. Most of the consumers prefer cast iron kettles as these retain heat well and are non-toxic.

8. Waffle iron

Waffle iron

Who would not want to enjoy delicious waffles after a tiring day hiking? Waffle iron made of cast iron come with several compartments which permit making several waffles at a time instead of one. These can be used over campfire, in oven and on the stovetop. The iron retains heat for a longer duration and helps you cook waffles evenly and quickly. These come with long handles for ease of usage over campfire. Enjoying waffles cooked in a traditional manner is quite easy. Waffle irons are ideal for creating round waffles which are divided into quarters. These can be used in ovens, over stovetop and over campfire. These make long lasting and versatile cooking equipment. This cast iron equipment retains heat for longer duration and permits even and quick cooking of waffles. Most of the waffle irons come with hinges that ensures that the setup remains closed while making waffles. There are two handles of which one can be utilized for removing the equipment from the heat source. These usually come with warranty ranging from two to five years hinting of their durability.

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