Best Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

Best Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

Coffee is a camper’s delight, especially on a chilly morning outdoors. It awakens your senses and makes blood flow to your system. Coffee is better brewed and freshly prepared to get the best flavor and aroma. A portable coffeemaker might be the best solution to get your morning (or evening) caffeine fix, but there are a lot of ways to get the cup of joe your taste buds are looking for.

Enjoying nature outdoors also means leaving the comfort of modern living, and along with it, the wares and utensils needed to make the perfect cup of coffee. With lack of resources, instant coffee might be your go-to; but it shouldn’t have to be that way. With the right techniques and suitable tools, you can come up with the right outdoor coffee mix.

With that said, there’s not one or two, but ten best ways to get the right blend of coffee and camping that suits your taste.

Best Ways To Make Coffee While Camping


Ever seen movies with cowboys sitting in front of an open fire, holding two heaping mugs of dark coffee, steam wafting off their brew? This method of coffee making while outdoors is one of the oldest, tried and tested method.

The cowboy coffee is iconic for its rich, dark texture, but it’s more than just boiling coffee on a tin can. This type of coffee uses one egg that coagulates coffee grounds and forces them towards the pot’s pit. This makes the brew filter-free and therefore easier to do.

If you are a group, cowboy coffee is great for you, because it is suitable for two or more people; plus, you do not need any fancy gadget to brew it. Also, you don’t have to bring filter papers with you (and trust us, people forget to bring it often anyway).

The downside to this brew is that it has a thick texture, and can get chalky if over-extracted. Coffee in egg is unusual, and some people might turn away from this method.



If you are looking for a fast way to get your dose of caffeine, the coffee bag preparation is the way to go. This is similar to the idea of a tea bag—it comes in individual packaging, thrown in a pot of boiled water, steeped for a few minutes until it brews.

The coffee bag preparation is the most convenient way to prepare coffee because it takes very little space and does not leave dregs on the pot. Also, there’s no need for caffeine expertise, because you basically just boil it until you achieve your preferred brew.

The cons would be that it may taste stale, and that you have to pack these things beforehand. For this, you will need old coffee grounds, because these last longer than fresh grounds.

Quick fact: you can actually use a handkerchief instead of a paper filter for this method, if you ever want an option that’s greener and eco-friendly. This minimizes your waste.

coffee bags


Okay, so this is the laziest method out there, but you cannot argue with the fact that it is also the easiest and fastest way to get a steaming cup of coffee in seconds. Premixed coffee come in 3-in-1 sachets, complete with sugar and creamer. After boiling water, you only need to pour the contents of the packet and presto, you get your hands on a cup of joe!

Instant coffee can be quite tasty. If you pick the costlier option for premixed coffee, you’re sure to get a great-tasting brew without actually having to brew it yourself. The packets are also small, which make them so easy to pack. There are also fancy preparations like the ones you find in a coffee shop—caramel macchiato, cappuccino, French vanilla, and more!



Coffee making on hikes can be done in single cup doses. This is through a manual coffee drip that makes for an easy, quick and fair quality brew. This single serve method is perfect for campers who want a flavorful and clean-tasting coffee without the complication of a complete brew. This process involves utilizing gravity to make the perfect outdoorsy cup.

A single cup dripper comes in a light, small-sized plastic that can easily be carried while camping. There are also ceramic, glass or stainless steel drippers for when you are not comfortable drinking out of plastic.

The dripper, however, cannot be packed flat, and you also shouldn’t forget to take some paper filters with you. There is also the issue of proper pouring, since the dripper technique requires knowledgeable handling to get the correct flavor.

Collapsible Coffee Dripper


The percolator is an oldie but goodie coffee brewing option perfect for the outdoors. This coffee making tool gets the job done by placing it over heat and putting the coffee grounds on its basket. This is great for coffee sharing since the percolator is as good as a large pot. The brew, once it boils, will give off a rich aroma and a sweet, bubbly noise.

If you choose the percolator, however, be prepared to constantly boil and brew. The percolator uses force generated by boiling. This shoves the water upward and boils over the grounds placed on the coffee basket. This is also bulky in a backpack, so make sure to give space for it.

coffee percolator


The Aeropress is a syringe-looking coffee brewer that is user-friendly and produces an espresso-like coffee. It’s a fancy option for outdoor brewing that can make a clean cup of coffee that is so rich and flavorful. It’s cheaper than an actual coffee maker but can still recreate the similar excellent taste.

This tool includes other brewing paraphernalia such as a stirring paddle, funnel and a measuring spoon that aids in proper brewing and prevents spillage. The Aeropress is graduated so you can control the water ratio without the use of a measuring cup. It’s a shake-and-press system that brews coffee automatically and takes little effort.

The issue with the Aeropress is that it takes so much space, and you better not lose any of the three components, because then it will not work.



Paper filters are reusable, but they unfortunately contribute more waste to the ecosystem (not to mention the trash you have to carry back to civilization). Since hiking also entails responsibility over your waste, it is often better to pick recyclable solutions to ensure that your hike is as eco-friendly as possible. This includes the ecological coffee filter that you can reuse a few times to make your coffee.

Recyclable coffee filters are easily stored in cups or mugs, and these things weigh less than an ounce, making it a backpacking must-have. These are also cheaper than other options such as the portable press. To use it, you only have to put coffee grounds into the filter and put it on a mug. Pour some hot water over and let steep until you get the desired color and taste.

This ecological option has one shortcoming: reusable filters can be hard to clean since coffee residue can stick on the filter and are hard to remove.

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


Glam campers, or glampers, who are also coffee enthusiasts would not be seen without a coffee maker inside their RVs. It’s the surest way to get the best-tasting, perfectly brewed coffee that they can enjoy outdoors. The coffee maker requires little work because it manages to perform the to-dos of coffee making, from producing fresh grounds to mixing it with water until it becomes the flawless cup of coffee that we all know and love.

Since the regular coffee maker is on a whole other level, it also requires something that’s hard to find when you’re outdoors—electricity. If you’re the type that has an RV, then this won’t be a problem. If not, then you will be better off using the non-electric options we have listed here.

Coffee Maker


This method uses the stovetop coffee maker that has three compartments that may seem complicated to look at but actually works quite well to get a real espresso blend. This produces a strong and rich brew that will keep you awake for that long trail up ahead.

This follows the basics of a percolator but with a twist. The water is placed at the bottom compartment while the ground sits at the middle compartment. The top is an empty carafe for the end product. The stovetop works by forcibly pushing the brew on the serving container.

The coffee the stovetop maker produces is lovely and aromatic, but the problem is that the setup is too bulky to bring. You will need a campfire stove for this, and it does not help that the equipment takes up space on your backpack, too.

Stovetop Espresso Maker


Pressure is the key to a good espresso, and the right equipment can help achieve it. Recently, handheld pressing machines have successfully entered the coffee-making scene and are capable of replicated freshly pressed and concentrated coffee.

This type of espresso maker usually uses a manual pump that can make real coffee goodness even when you are out camping. This doesn’t have detachable parts like the stovetop so you don’t have to mind extra pieces. You can use either a prepackaged or freshly ground coffee.

While the hand press is reliable, it entails physical exertion to reach pressure of 16 bars. This unit also cools quickly because it does not have the necessary insulation to retain the water’s high temperature.

Press Coffee Maker


So, what does it take to get the perfect brew for outdoors? Aside from making the coffee according to your taste (as long as you’re preparing it for yourself, of course), you also have to remember a few things:

Use Potable Water

Since you will be mixing your coffee on the outdoors, water might be an issue especially when you are planning to take a trip to locations with little to no water source. The best practice is to bring enough water to last you for as many days as you are staying. It may be heavy to carry, but it will be safer for you and your companion.

You may also use water from streams but make sure to bring purifying filters or reagents. Be mindful of the taste, because this can affect the flavor as well.

Quality of Coffee

Going outdoors does not equate to cutting back on your coffee quality. If possible, prepare the coffee made by your favorite roaster, so you can enjoy the same cup of coffee like you usually do.

    The Right Gear

    More than just the right coffee maker for your coffee, you would also need safe and durable wares to give your caffeine justice. Luckily, Barbeqa has all the camping tools you need. The Barbeqa Backpacking Cook Set has a kettle pot that you can use to boil water for your coffee. It is crafted with SS 304 stainless steel grade that is guaranteed to be tough and durable. It is noncorrosive and lightweight for easy carrying and storage. This is also BPA-free and eco-friendly.

    If you are camping alone, do not forget to pack with you the Barbeqa Backpacking Mess Kit, which has stainless steel cup to sip your perfect brew from. This is also stainless-steel made and of high quality, so you can be sure that it’s built to last and easy to wash. Barbeqa ensures that their mess kit is BPA-free and ecologically safe.

    Camping with family? Barbeqa got the best dinner set for you! The Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person Dinnerware Set is complete with all the essentials including four cups that comes in different and bright colors. You definitely won’t be missing an item because these are easy to spot. This set is BPA-free, lightweight and easy to clean, and are perfectly durable. You and your family can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or milk on a great camping morning.

    There is no excuse to miss coffee in the mornings when you are outdoors, because now it’s gotten really easy to fix a cup of coffee that you love. There is no better way to warm yourself up to another hiking day in the woods or up a hill than to kickstart your day with coffee. Do not forget to take your Barbeqa camping items with you, too! All their products are guaranteed safe for you and the environment, showing that they care. It’s going to be a good camping day with Barbeqa… and a cup of coffee!

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