DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Marshmallow roasting sticks make wonderful and are essential campfire accessories. There are several kinds of sticks available which one can utilize for roasting sticks. However, there is some fun involved when you opt for creating your own marshmallow sticks. You can create your own sticks at the campground. There is no need carry sticks from home. All you need to do is find some sticks and follow the simple tips mentioned below to create cool marshmallow roasting sticks.

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diy marshmallow roasting sticks

When you are trying to find sticks to create your own roasting sticks, make sure that you:

  • Start looking for the sticks early in the day. Do not wait until it is too dark. This would not help you find the perfect sticks for camping.
  • Do not try to damage a living tree. It would not be hard for you to find sticks on the ground.
  • For creating a sharpish point, whittle away the ends carefully.

If you do not find any suitable sticks on the ground, then you can utilize other materials for making your own marshmallow roasting sticks. You may find no wooden sticks on the ground if you are in a busy developed campground. Many private and public campgrounds have laid down certain rules that prohibit one from gathering sticks. You can create a stick at home with personal touches or get all the materials and create one in the camping ground during leisure hours. Here are few ideas that you can follow to creating your own marshmallow roasting sticks.

Homemade marshmallow roasting sticks

All you need to do is pick a stick from the ground. You can find one in your own backyard. Pick a stick that is 30 inches/76cm long. Make sure that the stick you pick is sturdy enough. Sharpen the end appropriately.

Marshmallow roasting sticks from a metal coat hanger

You can use any old metal coat hanger from your wardrobe. Straighten it out carefully. You may face difficulties in straightening in perfectly. Make sure you use proper tools or else you may have a hard time directing the marshmallow in the camp fire. Few wires are slippery and this makes it hard to hold. If you do not cover the ends then the metal with become hot and this can be a drawback of just using the metal as a marshmallow roasting stick. Try to insulate the ends by inserting a wooden piece to one end. This would not burn your hand while using the stick. You can as well as coat the sticks at the bottom after using an appropriate insulation material. This would make your roasting sticks appear cool. You can as well create two sharp edges so that you can hold two items at a time as shown in the image below.

metal marshmallow roasting sticks

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a wooden or metal stick for creating marshmallow sticks for use during camping. Plain wood can be the most economical option for anybody for use as a marshmallow roasting stick. Wood is durable and if you are careful during use, these can last for a long time. The only disadvantage of using wood sticks is that if you leave them in fire for too long, these would burn. Following few tops would help you prevent this issue. You can opt for sticks that come with a blunted end. Make sure it is sharp enough so that a marshmallow or hot dog can be pierced easily in it. However, you need to be careful while using it or else you may end up hurting yourself. In order to lower the chances of burning the wood stick, you can soak the stick in water for a while before using it.

The advantage of using metal sticks is that these would not burn in fire. These can prove out to be sturdy based on the metal that you are utilizing for crafting the sticks. The only disadvantage is that the other end of the stick can get hot if you do not make use of a handle that is made of an insulator. You can as well make use of a fireplace mitt or wear oven mitts.

Key features to look while making a marshmallow roasting stick

It does not really matter what kind of marshmallow roasting stick you have decided to make at home. You need to consider incorporating the following features while making a roasting stick in order to make your experience much more enjoyable.

No matter what type of marshmallow roasting stick you decide to buy, these features will make your campfire more enjoyable:

A wooden handle

Consider having a wooden handle if you are making a metal marshmallow roasting stick. This would offer a grip that would not be offered by the metal stick. You would as well not burn your hands if you have a wooden handle.

A length of 30 inches/76cm

This would keep you comfortable and safe from the fire. This is crucial especially when you are making sticks for your children.

A telescoping stick

A telescoping stick eliminates the problem of transporting bulky and long sticks. You would not lose your stick in between the seasons if you store them neatly in a camping tub or a drawer instead of propping against your garage wall.

fancy roasting sticks

Double Tines

You can consider having double tines. These two pokey edges will permit you to hold a hot dog as well as a marshmallow firmly. You need to spend some time in picking the right materials and follow the right procedures while making double tines for use during your camping trip.

Instead of wasting your money of fancy gadgets, you can consider creating your own marshmallow sticks. Here is another step-by-step procedure that you can follow to make your own fancy roasting sticks.   

Supplies required:

  • Metal skewers
  • Drill
  • Spray paint
  • Super glue
  • 3/4”x 48” wooden dowel rod

Step 1

Carefully cut the dowel rod in half. Each half would help you craft two marshmallow roasting sticks. Now, drill a hole in one end of the rod carefully. Try to go as deep as you can and make sure it is wide enough for your metal skewer. Commence this task after examining the width of your metal skewer.

wooden dowel rod

Step 2

Once you are done with step 1, carefully paint the sticks in the colour that you love or your kids would love if you are making one for them as well. You can get creative and opt for painting in patterns such as stripes. To do this, you can first spray paint the sticks in one colour all over. You can paint the sticks in white. Let it form the base colour. You can now tape off the striper with any painter’s tape. You can then paint the areas that are being exposed in color of your choice. You can paint in navy blue as show in the image below. You can come with your own pattern ideas for adding a personal touch to your design. You can have them embellished or get creative while crafting your own roasting stick. The idea is to think out of the box. Once you start with the process, you will get ideas to make your sticks as crafty as possible.

marshmallow skewers

Step 3

Once you are done with step 2, you can now add super glue in the hole that you drilled for fitting your metal skewer. After addition of glue, drop the skewer in the hole. If you want the skewer to be held in a secure manner, add as much glue as you can.

diy smores sticks

Once the paint and glue has dried appropriately, you are ready to use your roasting sticks during your camping trips. Make sure to instruct your kids how to use these sticks, as metal skewers are quite sharp. Follow these simple steps from crafting marshmallow roasting sticks worth flaunting.   


  • “Do not try to damage a living tree” – I loved this! I see so many people damaging trees just for the sake of it, when there are plenty of sticks on the ground. I appreciate your attitude and I liked you post.
  • Thank you for taking the time to create this guide! I’ve followed your instructions and have created my very own, wood roasting sticks alongside my 6 year old who is very proud of his work!

  • Hadn’t thought about making a roasting stick from a metal hanger. That’s a pretty neat idea! My wife keeps forgetting about her wooden sticks so this would work nicely. Thanks!

  • Your DYI post was very informative, but it seems like a lot of work to me so I’m just going with the roasting sticks you talked about. I prefer paying a bit of money and not have to do this work ;).


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