How To Build Your Own Fire Pit Grill

Doesn’t the idea of enjoying a nice, warm fire with friends and family seem exciting?

Just sitting around the fire, talking, enjoying, and even toasting marshmallows, but have you ever thought about utilizing your fire pit to cook your main meal?

Building a fire pit is a very simple task and you can even use it to roast or cook food. There is nothing better than a juicy piece of meat cooked over actual wood fire. You can easily transform your fire pit into a grill and make your very own fire pit grill by utilizing the instructions that have been provided below. Fire pit grills can be built in your front or backyard with great ease. If you follow the steps that have been given below, you will not even have to hire someone to come over to your home and build it for you.

The steps are very simple to follow and it will take you a maximum of two days to get the work done that is if you work continuously on it. Sparing a few minutes every now and then to rest will work, but if you really want to see a fire pit grill in your yard as soon as possible, you might not want to waste a single minute doing any other activity. This is what brings us to the most important part of building a fire pit grill on your own - the requirements.

The requirements of building the proper and perfect fire pit grill, apart from the steps that have been provided below, are the need for motivation, dedication, and last but definitely not the least, the right equipment.

Tools and Materials

The first thing that you will need to do is gather the tools you will need throughout the process of making your own fire pit grill. It would be wise to make sure you have everything beforehand. This will reduce the time it takes to make trips to the store or back into your home to get something else.

You will need:

When you have all the equipment ready, do not forget to make sure you have all the required material as well, including rebar, mortar, premixed concrete, flagstone, pea gravel, and most importantly, string.

These tools and equipments will be needed throughout the entire fire pit grill building procedure, so make sure you have everything ready. You do not want to have to keep going back and forth to fetch tools and materials from your home or the store.

Time to Build a Fire Pit Grill!

Step 1: Select a Location for the Footing and Dig

Select a Location for the Footing and Dig

The first thing that you want to do when you are installing a fire pit grill on your own is to select the location you want the fire pit grill to be installed. Once you have selected the appropriate location for the fire pit, you will then need to take a hammer and pole and utilize the hammer to drive the pole deep into the ground. When you have inserted the pole into the ground, you will have to mark the center of the pit. Determine the diameter of your fire pit and then mark off the area by measuring the radius of the diameter with the help of a string. Use marking paint, chalk, or anything that will help you observe the markings you make easily, to draw the appropriate diameter of the circle once you have anchored the string to the pit’s center point. For example, if you were building a pit grill of six feet, then you would have to utilize three feet of string to make the circle. Once the circle has been drawn, you will then have to determine the measurement of the circle’s inside line. In order to do this, simply deduct your measurement by fourteen inches and draw the interior line with the marking paint or chalk.

Once everything has been marked, you are ready to move on to the digging process. Get ready to dig approximately eight inches between the outer and the inner lines that you have made for the circle. It is necessary that you dig now than later on because you want your fire pit grill’s walls to be sturdy and strong.

It is very important that you select the right location for the fire pit grill because once you have build the fire pit grill, it is going to be a hassle having to tear the pit down. You will find the fire pit grill extremely handy and helpful if you just want to enjoy a nice day out in the open. It also provides one with the ability to simply remove the grills if they want and enjoy the heat on a cool winter day. It is also helpful when you decide on having a party at your place. There’s nothing better than cooking your meat over a fire in your backyard at a party!

Step 2: Fill Up The Footing

Fill Up The Footing

In this step, you will need to combine concrete with water and mix until the mixture becomes thick.

Do not forget to put on your safety mask when you are doing this!

When you have produced a thick mixture, pour the concrete and water mixture into the hole that you have dug up with the shovel. You can utilize a trowel to help smooth out the top of the mixture that you have poured into the hole. Then cut the rebar into pieces of around three feet each with the help of a grinder or shovel. The rebar must be bent before you place it in the concrete.

After that, use a hammer and push the rebar down a couple of inches underneath the surface of the ground to help develop a stronger base and footing for the fire pit grill. This will keep the entire build up from eventually sinking into the soil and ending in a complete disaster. If you have filled the concrete properly and allow it to dry before you start working more on it, you will have nothing to worry about in the long run.

Keep in mind that you want a strong, supporting base for the fire pit grill. If you leave it loose, chances are that it is not going to last you very long.

So, before moving on to the next process, make sure that everything is in place and in the right position.

Step 3: Set Up The Stones

Set Up The Stones

The third step requires the person who is setting up the fire pit grill to set up the stones in place. However, you want to keep all the capstones in a separate pile because you will need them for later on when you are working on the exterior of the fire pit.

The capstones are generally used as finishing stones that you will place at the top to produce an attractive exterior wall. The stones that have a flat and somewhat smooth surface should be kept in the capstone pile because they provide a nice look.

Now that you have separated the stones into two different piles, mix a shovel of lime and mortar together to create a solution that will enhance the strength of the fire pit. Make sure that when you are adding the mortar and the lime together, the lime is dry. Once the lime has mixed in well with the mortar, pour in some water and keep mixing till the solution acquires an even consistency.

After mixing the solution, get the string that is tied on the center pole and use it to measure approximately thirty-two inches. You will need to use this measurement when you are setting the stones around the perimeter of the fire pit grill. You can use mortar to make sure the stones stay in place and do not forget to make sure that you are using the string properly to ensure that all the perimeter stones are located at distances equal from the fire pit grill’s center point.

If the distance is not equal, then chances are that when you move towards the other steps of the building procedure, the stones won’t lie together to hold the grill at the top. So, take your time and do everything properly. You do not want to mess up.

Step 4: Time to Set in the Interior Bricks

Time to Set in the Interior Bricks

While setting up your fire pit grill, you will need to make complete usage of the string guide. It plays a major role in helping you make measurements, maintaining accuracy, and it is very easy to use.

You will now have to measure approximately fourteen inches to the inner circle from the outer circle of the pit that you have created so far. Now, look around to find the inner circle’s highest point. Once you have spotted the point of the inner circle, you can place your very first brick there.

Now, use the first brick as a guide and place the other bricks around the circle maintaining the same level and height as that of the first brick.

Remember, do not stop measuring and keep on checking that the inner circle is no more than fourteen inches from the circle on the outside.

Accuracy is key when you are building a structure on your own or when someone else is doing the job for you. Constantly making sure you have not messed up with the measurements will lead to an accurately built fire pit grill and will ensure your fire pit looks amazing once you are done with it.

The interior bricks might be a little difficult to work with because of the proper measurements, but once you manage to get the first brick done, you will no longer have to face any difficulties with the bricks to come.

Step 5: Create a Circular Effect

Create a Circular Effect

Since what you are making possesses a circular structure, you should really consider creating a curve on the fire pit to make it seem circular.

You can accomplish this task by utilizing a chipping hammer to soften the edges of the stones or you could even utilize a triangular filler stone to produce a curve. The circular effect is very simple to accomplish.

Do not forget to continue removing mortar as you go so that it does not end up hardening onto the stones.

If it does, then it will give off a very unattractive look to the fire pit grill and you do not want that, especially when you have invested so much time into building it from scratch!

Examine it from afar once you have given it the circular shape and see if it has that shape when people look at it from a distance. If you see that it looks circular, then you have done your job extremely well. Upon the accomplishment of the circular effect, we can now move on to the next step of the process.

Step 6: Lay More Stones

Lay More Stones

When you are layering the stones one upon the other at the distance you have measured from the center of the pit and are setting the stones in mortar, you should ensure that you are not allowing the mortar to end up covering the stone’s front part. Immediately take a trowel and remove the mortar from the front of the layered stones. This will make sure that your work looks neat and clean. Also, when you are layering the stones, try to keep the stonework from establishing perfect vertical or horizontal lines with the stones.

If you want to eliminate the dull continuous effect of the layering, you can utilize stones of both different width and length as you continue layering them.

A symmetrical set of bricks on a fire pit grill looks okay, but if you really want to go out there and get creative with your work, you can try using bricks of different sizes to hold the pit together. You can even utilize a brush and jointer to dig out the joints and remove the excess from the stones to help create a more pastoral look.

If you plan on incorporating this idea to your building technique, then you should really consider jointing as you move along to make sure that the mortar does not end up hardening. As you move on to the inside of the pit, you want to start using firebricks rather than using stones.

Firebricks tend to be wider, longer, and are also thicker than a normal brick. Plus, the firebricks are heat resistant making them perfect for a fire pit grill. You will have to place the firebricks standing in a vertical position one next to the other. The bricks will be lined in a position all the way around the pit. Do not forget to add the mortar on both sides and bottom of the firebricks and fill up the joints as well.

Buy the different kinds of bricks that you will need and also pick up a few firebricks to place in the interior of the fire pit grill.

Step 7: Establish a Firm Grill Base

Establish a Firm Grill Base

If you want to make sure that your grill has a strong base, then a smart idea, and possibly the easiest way to build a support system for the grill, would be to use the firebricks.

All you have to do is pull two firebricks to the front from the other firebricks. In order to determine which method would be best to utilize when pulling the firebricks forward, imagine the fire pit is a clock. Pull two bricks out from where you think 3, 6, 9, and 12 might be located on your clock.

These stones will serve as a base for where you can place your grill every time you are in the mood to roast food. This is a good idea because it allows you to place the grill on the firebrick supports if you would like to cook or roast meat and you can even remove the grill if you are in the mood to just relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Step 8: Place the Capstones

Place the Capstones

Before you use any mortar, you will need to dry set a few of the bigger capstones on the opposite sides of your fire pit. Also, you should make sure that the capstones are the perfect and correct level.

When you start adding the mortar you should begin with the guiding capstones and then move on to the other capstones. You will need to cut the capstones on the interior too if you are inserting the grill on the top. You may cut them in such a manner that they make the appliance and removal of the grill a piece of cake. This will also assist you in being able to check the levels of the capstones at the front, back, and across the fire pit.

After you have finished mortaring all the capstones, you can now move on to the jointing process. As you go on jointing the capstones, keep moving the extra mortar that might have accumulated on the stones and along the fire pit. Whenever you are using mortar, you need to make sure that you remove the excess from the front of the material you are applying it on to prevent it from thickening on the surface making it extremely difficult to get rid of.

Step 9: Touch Ups

If you want to make the fire pit look a little bit more attractive and worth taking a look at, you can add a few stepping stones around the pit’s exterior.

In order to make sure that the flagstone does not move from its place, you can pack some soil underneath. This will not only make the fire pit grill look fancy, but it will give a nice finishing touch to your work showing what a great job you did on it.

Touch ups and finishes help to add a unique charm to your work, so do not avoid making a few touch ups to the fire pit. So, now that you have finished following all the steps mentioned above and are on this last step, you can now finally take the time out to test and see if your fire pit grill is working or not!

Touch Ups

Setting up a fire pit grill is no difficult task.

All you need to do is make sure that you have all the tools and equipments ready at hand. You also need to be motivated to getting the work done. The process of building a fire pit grill in your front or backyard will only require you to work on it for one or two days.

Once you are done, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire or enjoy a nice meal outside with your family.

It is a great investment and has become popular over the years. Nowadays, people just simply purchase the tools and items they need to build the fire pit grill and begin working on it on their own. If you too, would like to build a fire pit grill for you and your family, then the abovementioned steps will assist you in building the perfect fire pit grill.

So, get to work today and build your own fire pit grill as soon as you possibly can.

Just remember, all you need is motivation, dedication, and the proper equipment to build the perfect fire pit grill for your home.


  • One of the best explained guide on building your own fire pit grill I’ve seen online! Great work! And this also makes you want to start working on making your own so that’s great as well. I’ve already asked my brother to help out so things go smooth and we’ll start this project shortly.

  • This looks so great and I can’t wait to get the work started on mine next week. I’m already getting the things I need to get started and I’ll hopefully end up with something as cool as in your pictures.

  • What a great, step by step plan to build a fire pit grill! It took me less than 2 days to build it and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I would have thought it would be. And I’m not even that handy with these sorts of things so I’m very happy with the final result! Thank you so much!


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