How To Make Campfire Bannock Bread On A Stick?

Doesn’t it feel great to bake fresh bread while camping with friends and family. Camping food options are not limited if you know how to cook your own dishes. After indulging in bagels, hard crackers and eating packaged food while on a camping trip, eating fresh bread seems nothing less than a treat.

Cooking bannock bread on a stick can be a delicious indulgent for all. Bannock is a simple bread made from variety of grains. This has grabbed the interest of the campers. the use of simple base ingredients makes it an ideal option for cooking over campfire. If you know the right technique, you can cook bannock bread over a stick.

Wondering how you can do it? Read further for the procedure.

bannock on a stick

Prepare the dough for the bread

This step needs to be initiated at home itself. Mix all the dry ingredients at home and transfer in a Ziploc bag. You can alter the ingredients as per your wish. Traditional bannock bread is made from just flour and water.

You can consider adding baking power for making it fluffy. For taste and bringing out the flavor, you can consider adding salt to the mixture. Flavor can also be imparted with the addition of butter to the mix.

The bread can be turned brown with the addition of powdered milk. You can get creative and make changes to the base ingredients for changing the flavors. You can consider adding sugar and cinnamon if you want your bread to be sweet.

If you wish to impart a cheesy taste to your bannock bread, then you can consider adding cheese chunks to the mixture. Make sure to carry only the dry ingredients to the site.

You can add cheese or butter while you are baking the bannock bread on a stick. At the camp site, you can mix the dough in butter or oil. Keeping adding water slowly until you attain the consistency that you are looking for.

Ensure that the dough is not sticky. Make sure it is firm. The dough should be set aside to rise of you are making use of baking powder in the mixture.

dough for the bannock bread

Build campfire

A big fire is not required for cooking bannock bread. All you need is hot coals. You need to remember one thing that the flavors of the smoke are picked by the bannock bread. Make sure to pick wood that offers the taste that satisfies your taste buds.

Carry high quality sticks

As this recipe teaches you how to cook bannock bread on a stick, make sure to carry a perfect stick for the purpose. It should not be hard for you to locate one from a store that offers camping supplies. If you are a regular camper, you must be having a collection of roasting sticks or barbecue sticks which you can employ for cooking your bannock bread.

Note the size of the stick before carrying it along for camping. It should be atleast as thick as two fingers.

Make sure it is not heavy as you will have to hold it for about ten to fifteen minutes over the campfire. You will end up making a long loaf if you use smaller sticks for baking bannock bread. This results in uneven cooking at the ends.

Wrapping the bannock dough

Once you are done with making dough for your bannock bread, you need to take it out and roll it in the form of s-shape. You do not really have to bother about making it appear perfect. Take out the stick and start wrapping the dough around it. The dough needs to be spiraled down around the stick. Make sure to compress it. Do not leave it thick or else it will not cook evenly.

Wrapping the bannock dough

Look for a hot spot around the camp fire

You need to ensure that the inside of the dough cooks before the outside layer around the stick. Hence, you need to find a place around the fire where the temperature feels optimum for your bannock bread.

Do not hold the stick too close to fire or else it will end up turning brown quickly. This would offer you a wet interior. Hold your hand over the fire and figure out what would work for your bannock bread.

hot spot camp fire

Start cooking your bannock bread

Find the right distance to hold the stick having your bannock bread dough wrapped around it. Keep rotating the stick slowly so that all the sides get cooked in an even manner. Keep rotating the stick often initially.

This will prevent the dough from sagging. If you keep the stick too close, it will end up burning the dough from one side. Bannock bread barely requires ten minutes to cook entirely over a stick.

Take the cooked bannock bread off the stick

cooked bannock bread

Once your bannock bread has been cooked evenly, it will come off easily from the stick. It will remain sticky if it has not been cooked entirely. You would find the bread hard to slide off the stick if the bread has not yet been done entirely. If you are looking for a fluffy and dry bread, you need to be careful while baking. For removing the bread properly, rotate a portion of the bread until it breaks off entirely.

Ingredients you can add for a change in the flavor

bannock mixture

There are several things that can be added to the bannock mixture for altering the flavor.

You can consider adding flavored instant meal for changing the texture and the taste. you can consider adding rolled oats and cornmeal for changing the texture of the bannock bread.

You can add sweet liquid if you do not want to add sugar such as maple syrup, corn syrup, orange juice or honey.

If you wish to craft a dessert then you can consider adding cinnamon, brown sugar and candied fruit to the mixture. Follow these simple changes for crafting delicious tasting bannock bread to surprise your friendly and family.


  • Great bread recipe! Just tried it out with some candied fruit and it was one of the best things we’ve had lately! My kids are ecstatic about it and I also can’t wait to repeat the experience. Thanks for sharing!

  • Never heard of this kind of bread but it does look yummy. I’ll have to ask my husband to make this tomorrow because I can almost taste it :)! Going to also add some corn syrup because everyone loves it.


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