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The key to a successful outdoor adventure is preparation. Having all the necessary equipment and supplies can have a vast impact on your overall experience and enjoyment. One of the most challenging aspects of outdoor adventures, like camping, hiking, backpacking, boy or girl scouts, or family picnics, is cooking and enjoying your favorite meals. The rugged outdoor environment is substantially different from your kitchen and thus, one needs a mess kit which is exclusively designed to withstand the tough outdoor conditions.

Barbeqa, being your one-stop solution for outdoor cooking, offers this Camping Mess Kit to help you enjoy your favorite delicacies in a simple, convenient and effortless way. The mess kit includes 4 plates, bowls, cups, and sporks, making it a perfect kit for small families and groups. The tableware’s are made from a BPA-free material, are easy to clean, and for enhanced convenience, a mesh bag is also included to make it easier for you to store and carry the tableware set.

Let us have a detailed look at the features of this 4 Person Camping Mess Kit.

camping mess kit

Made from BPA-Free Materials

The plates, bowls, cups and sporks included in this kit are made from BPA-free polypropylene material. BPA is linked to a number of serious health risks and thus, to make sure that this kit is completely safe for use, only BPA-free materials are used. 

The material is also well-known for its durability, making it a perfect fit for demanding outdoor conditions. Moreover, the material is odor- and stain-resistant, making it completely safe and convenient. The durable build of the cookware in this kit also ensures that they will continue to offer flawless results for years to come.

Easy to Clean

One of the most important considerations when buying utensils for outdoor use is how easy it is to clean them. Unlike a kitchen, cleaning your tableware when you are out camping or hiking can be difficult. There can be a shortage of water or cleaning materials, making it very important for you to select something that can be easily cleaned. The tableware’s in this mess kit are made from durable materials and are very easy to clean too. Moreover, when you are at home, you can wash them in a dishwasher too.

Tableware Come in 4 Different Colors

The cookware in this camping mess kit comes in 4 different colors, Blue, Orange, Green, and Red, for easy identification. When traveling in a group, cookware of particular colors can be assigned to different individuals for enhanced convenience.

Moreover, the different colors apart from looking trendy, also allow you to identify your tableware easily when traveling in larger groups. Also, the bright colors of the tableware will surely be loved by young kids. Buyers can rest assured as the color of the plastic utensils will never fade and they will retain their sparkling build throughout their lifespan.

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Innovatively Designed Sporks

The kit includes a total of 4 sporks which combine a spoon and a fork. The innovative design eliminates the need to carry spoons and forks separately as the sporks can effortlessly be used for all the applications. The sporks are just as convenient as using a spoon or fork and come with a small plastic strap which can be used to tie the sporks together and ensure that they do not get lost.

Mesh Bag Included

Another important consideration when buying utensils for outdoor use is how you will carry them. This Camping Mess Kit from Barbeqa comes with a durable mesh bag, eliminating the need for you to look for a separate bag to carry the tableware or store them with your clothes and other stuff. Simply clean the plastic tableware with water when you are done eating and store them in the included mesh bag to experience maximum convenience.

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Reasonably Priced

The mess kit is reasonably priced hen compared with other mess kits available in the market. And as compared to other kits, the quality, convenience and simplicity offered by Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit is far better. No matter if you like to enjoy outdoor adventures on a frequent basis or once in a few months, this camping mess kit for 4 persons is perfect for everyone.


And last but not the least, this camping mess kit from Barbeqa is eco-friendly too. We are already harming the environment is so many different ways and this environment-friendly mess kit is a great small step in the right direction. It is our responsibility to make efforts to save our environment. And the eco-friendly built of this mess kit allows us to do that in a simple and effective manner.

Outdoor enthusiasts might already know that the experience of cooking your favorite meals when climbing on a mountain, in a forest, at a beach, or other amazing locations is exclusive and completely different from cooking at home. The outdoor weather, campfire, and the joy of being surrounded by your loved ones combine together to make it a highly rewarding and joyful experience.

This Camping Mess Kit from Barbeqa is designed to further enhance this experience and allow users to eat their favorite delicacies in a safe and simple manner. Every aspect of this is kit is designed with respect to its outdoor use to make sure that the users experience only convenience and satisfaction for years to come.

The kit is eco-friendly and is reasonably priced to make sure that anyone and everyone is able to easily buy it and use it without harming the environment. If you are looking to buy an outdoor mess kit which can help you enjoy your favorite meals in a simple and convenient manner, this 4 Persons Camping Mess Kit from Barbeqa is the perfect pick for you. 

Apart from this Camping Mess Kit, Barbeqa also offers an extensive range of other products which would further enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Moreover, if you are running out of recipes which you can try during your next outdoor excursion, the blog section on the official website of Barbeqa has a number of delicious recipes, along with useful information and tips.

Camping Mess Kit 4 Person Set With Mesh Bag

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