10 Red Light Therapy Benefits For Skin, Hair, and Health

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1. Helps Treat Vitiligo

RLT increases melanocyte formation and reduces depigmentation by inhibiting autoimmunity. This makes vitiligo therapy successful.

2. Helps Treat Acne

It helps sebaceous glands secrete sebum and remove keratinocytes, healing acne quicker. It also reduces acne irritation.

3. Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles

RLT increases collagen-secreting fibroblasts and fights aging. Collagen formation improves skin laxity, regeneration, and wrinkle reduction.

4. Helps Treat Scars

The treatment lowers inflammation, boosts fibroblast development, collagen synthesis, and blood vessel growth. This speeds wound healing and reduces scarring.

5. Helps Treat Psoriasis

A preliminary research using LED energy at 830 and 633 nm found that light therapy is one of the safest and most effective psoriasis treatments.

6. Red Light Therapy For Hair

A controlled research on men and women found that red light treatment or low-level laser therapy (which uses red and near-infrared light) improves hair growth and treats alopecia.

7. Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss

Red light therapy is safe and beneficial for weight reduction, but evidence is few. One research found that RLT generates transient holes in fat cells to release lipids. 

8. Red Light Therapy For Eyes

These provide energy for metabolic activities in our eyes. This light may treat optic nerve damage, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and other retinal ailments.

9. Red Light Therapy For Muscles And Joints

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving red light treatment helps senior persons with degenerative knee osteoarthritis and joint health.

10. Red Light Therapy For Dental Health

A research found that light treatment may reduce discomfort, enhance muscular activity, and increase range of motion in temporomandibular disorder patients.

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