9 Best Dog Breeds For Cold Weather

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Siberians are medium-sized dogs with thick coats and cold-weather endurance. They thrive in frigid climates.

1) Siberian Husky

Large Alaskan Malamutes haul sleds in cold weather. Their thick coat keeps them warm in cold weather.

2) Alaskan Malamute

These huge dogs appreciate cold weather and have thick coats. Swiss Alps farms bred them as working dogs.

3) Bernese Mountain Dog

Large, cold-loving Great Pyrenees have thick coats. The Pyrenees bred them as livestock protectors.

4) Great Pyrenees

Saint Bernards prefer cold weather and have thick coats. They work hard and were bred as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps.

5) Saint Bernard

Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs with thick, white coats and cold-weather adaptability. Siberian herders and sledders bred them.

6) Samoyed

Newfoundlands prefer cold weather and have thick, water-resistant fur. Canadian fishermen bred them as working dogs.

7) Newfoundland

Medium to giant Akitas have thick, double coats that keep them comfortable in cold weather. Japanese hunters and guards bred them.

8) Akita

These tiny to medium-sized dogs adore cold weather and have thick, white fur. They were originally circus and watchdogs.

9) American Eskimo Dog

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