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9 Foods to Avoid in the Morning!

1) Sugary Breakfast Cereal

Most cereals are manufactured with refined flour, making them low in fiber and likely to leave you hungry. They're also sugary and lacking in protein.

2) Sausage

Sausage is salty, fatty, and calorie-dense. Eggs, Greek yogurt, and nut butters are high-protein options.

3) Wheat Bread

It's a roller coaster of a rise and fall for your blood sugar and energy levels when you consume refined white bread. Your best bet for avocado toast is sprouted whole grain bread!

4) Flavored Coffee Drinks

There is very little nutritional value in most flavored coffee drinks. It's possible to feel nervous and crash after eating one as your first meal of the day.

5) Fruit Juice

The fiber is completely removed, but the sugar and calories remain. It's like eating 5-6 oranges and more than 300 calories in a single serving of orange juice!

6) Bakery-style Muffins

Many muffins, especially coffee shop or grocery store ones, have more calories, fat, and sugar than cupcakes. Low in protein, muffins won't keep you satisfied for long.

7) Toaster Pastries

Popular breakfast pastries lack nourishment. Toaster pastries are created with processed wheat, heavy in sugar, and lack actual fruit.

8) Dry Cereal

Dry cereal is heavy in carbs but poor in fiber, so it doesn't satiate hunger. It digests swiftly, leaving you hungry soon after.

9) Pre-made Smoothies

You won't find much dietary fiber in pre-made smoothies or protein drinks because most of the ingredients are fruit juices, not whole fruits.

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