Beloved Costco Smoothie Is Finally Back

People who shop at Costco have been asking for a drink in the food court for months, and now it's finally coming back.

That's correct! The Fruit Smoothie from Costco has come back to US food halls. A few weeks ago, some members noticed that the old favorite was on the menu at their nearby stores.

There are strawberry, blueberry, and acai in the Fruit Smoothie, which is also called the "berry smoothie" by many users.

It stopped being sold in the Costco food area at the beginning of summer to make room for a Mango Smoothie that is only available in Hawaii.

Some people liked the mango version, but others thought it wasn't as good as the Fruit Smoothie. A lot of people on Reddit didn't like the taste or feel of the Mango Smoothie. A few people said it was "baby food."

Fruit Smoothie fans are thrilled that it's back. A Costco customer posted a picture of it on the menu for $2.99 on Reddit this week, which made a lot of people happy.

The Redditor's picture didn't show the mango smoothie on the menu, so the Fruit Smoothie might be served instead when it gets back to the stores. 

A lot of people on Reddit said that the Fruit Smoothie still isn't available at all US Costco shops. Members should check with their nearby warehouse to see if they have food court items.

The Fruit Smoothie isn't the only new and interesting food item at Costco's food area this year.

People were surprised when the company brought back sliced onions in May, which were a popular addition for hot dogs in food courts.

In May, the store brought back its Chicken Caesar Salad and added a new one.

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