Do Dogs Really Watch Television?

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Have you ever been on the couch with your dog and observed him fixating on the television? It could be another dog, a bird, or another animal.

We know that dogs perceive color and light differently than humans, thus their eyes do not perceive the same things. So, do dogs watch television?

The response is largely affirmative. Some pets watch television! Dogs can become captivated by television programming.

Similar to humans, a dog's interest depends on their attention span and sensitivity to motion. In addition, depending on the volume, they may also react to TV sounds.

Because, like dogs, we all have various tastes and interests; yet, the dogs' interest in television may be related to their breed.

Does the fact that dogs can watch TV mean that they should? Yes, watching TV can be a good way to help ease mild separation anxiety.

Still, watching TV with your pet is no substitute for spending time with them in the real world. Social creatures that they are, dogs require regular playtime.

Some advertising or programs may disturb dogs. Explosions, gunfire, sirens, and sobbing disturb dogs. So too much TV can be disturbing for them.

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