Is Diet Soda Responsible for Belly Fat?

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Diet Coke may appear like a good weight-loss drink at first. But, studies reveal diet soda causes weight gain and belly fat. How can this be if it's calorie-free?

Typically, diet soda is sweetened with an artificial sweetener, such as sucralose, and therefore includes no extra calories or sugar.

While this may be enticing, a number of studies indicate that regular consumption of diet Coke may be associated with weight gain.

Some individuals may also experience undesirable side effects such as bloating, which can temporarily enlarge the abdomen.

Moreover, carbonation is a major factor. You might feel bloated and gassy after drinking soda because of the tiny air bubbles it contains.

Diet drink surely has zero calories and doesn't affect daily caloric intake. But, our body may need other foods to meet its calorie needs if we drink a zero-calorie beverage.

Diet drink can increase hunger, research shows. One study found that diet soda drinkers ate more than sugary drinkers.

Diet soda itself is not the issue; rather, the difficulty lies in the fact that people who choose diet soda may also have other problematic habits.

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