Is it OK to drink water that has sat overnight?

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Since your body dehydrates while you sleep, it is usual to awaken thirsty. However, should you drink from the glass you left on the nightstand?

You know drinking from an open glass isn't sanitary. Dust, dirt, and even a mosquito can leave a hazardous surface scum overnight.

Even a bottle or pitcher presents complications because our skin is coated with sweat, dust, skin cells, and nasal discharge.

A prolonged incubation period could reintroduce microorganisms that could make you sick if you drink the water.

You should finish a bottle in one sitting if you're going to drink from it, and then throw it away.

Despite the fact that no one brags about it, many people drink from discarded drinking glasses, mugs, and bottles with no bad consequences.

It is not recommended that those with compromised immune systems be exposed to water that has been sitting out overnight.

Also, do not place your mouth on the bottle. Simply pour it into a cup or straight into your mouth. This will allow you to consume more from the bottle.

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