Popeyes Beloved Chicken Sandwich Is Getting an Upgrade

Popeyes may never forget their viral chicken sandwich, and we won't either. Although Popeyes is recognized for its fried chicken, it continues to release new wings, tenders, and sandwiches for its loyal consumers.

Fast food restaurant's fried chicken sandwich is getting a revamp. Popeyes and TRUFF, one of our favorite hot sauce companies, will produce a spicy chicken sandwich on October 17.

With TRUFF's award-winning Spicy Mayo, the Spicy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich may challenge the old one.

TRUFF's Spicy Mayo, a creamy blend of red jalapeƱo and black truffle, enhances Popeyes' iconic fried chicken breast with a distinct tasting character.

Spicy TRUFF Chicken Sandwiches will include Popeyes' barrel-cured pickles, brioche bread, and Spicy Mayo.

Popeyes will sell its new menu item nationally for a short time for $5.99, depending on your establishment.

However, TRUFF's sauce may be enjoyed outside the sandwich. Any Popeyes food may be paired with TRUFF's Spicy Mayo.

Beginning October 17, Popeyes' website and app will offer it as a side sauce, or you may order it at the restaurant. 

Not fancy with the truffle-infused spicy mayo sandwich? No problem. Popeyes' Classic Spicy Chicken Sandwich, featuring fried chicken breast, pickle slices, and spicy mayo on a brioche bun, will remain.

Now is the time to test the enhanced sandwich at your local Popeyes, since we don't know how long this TRUFF collab will be available.

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