Why Should You Feed Your Dog Natural Food?

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We mostly give them pet food, which differs greatly from their normal diet in the wild. If they are fortunate, they will occasionally receive chicken.

The dry "biscuits" or moist pouches that we regularly feed our dogs and cats are a far cry from their natural diet.

In the wild, a dog's food consists primarily of meat, followed by skin, organs, digested vegetables from tiny prey intestines, vegetables, wild fruits, herbs, and some nuts.

Common health issues such as bad skin, hair, and stomach problems will go if you feed your dog natural food.

 Improved metabolic health, dental hygiene, and manageability of challenging behaviors are additional benefits.

The food we give our pets is the single most important factor in determining their overall well-being. Because of this, learning about proper diet is crucial.

The standard of living enjoyed by our dog noticeably improves. Because of this, they stick around for a longer period of time.

You should utilize these treat ideas to persuade your "picky eater" buddies to eat fruits and veggies.

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