Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks Perfect for Camping With the Kids

Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks Perfect for Camping With the Kids

"Roasting and Toasting Made Easier"

These days, going out for a hike or camping on the outdoors is a sure way to unwind and relax. People sometimes prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while, and often bringing the kids to the trip makes it more memorable. Being one with nature allows those precious moments when the children realize just how grand and beautiful the world is.

Nights out in open air can be quite chilly, and so making a campfire is the perfect solution. Also, it spells more fun for the kids, giving them the taste of how outdoor activities are for them. The roaring flames illuminating the surrounding adds greatly to the mood and ambience of nature, and also grants the great experience of outdoor cooking. However, fire can be dangerous, especially for the kids who might be attracted to the flames and can accidentally fall towards it.

Disadvantages of Cooking in Open Fire

  • Prone to Burns

    If you have ever experienced making campfires (or just about any fire, like candles) you will notice how hot it could get as soon as you step closer to the flame. Now, imagine wanting to roast food while you are out on the camping grounds at night. To make sure that it is prepared well, you have to constantly check while cooking, thereby making you or the kids frequently exposed to the open fire.

    Burns are common injuries that damage the skin and causes cells to die. Kids are more prone to burns, and even the innocent task of roasting marshmallows supposedly fun, can be hazardous.

    Burn injuries sustained while roasting food can be serious, especially if no immediate first aid is available. Not only that, it can also lead to cutting the trip short, which gives kids a bad impression about camping.

  • Overcooking or Undercooking

    Cooking in open flame can make food rich in flavor and aroma, but it takes more than just sticking the uncooked food into the fire. Certain factors like proximity to the flame, and the size of the flame can affect how well food is cooked. If you cook too long and the fire is roaring, you might be serving overcooked food. If you take it out too early or if the flame is too small, then you will be eating undercooked food, and surely the kids will not like either of that scenario.

  • Harm the Environment

    Creating campfire on the open grounds might cause start unwanted fires, especially when the surrounding area is full of flammable materials. Fires should be put in a big open space with no combustible resources in sight, such as dry leaves that could catch fire in seconds. You would not want to start a forest fire, not only harming you and your family, but the environment as well.

  • Using the Right Equipment

    Cooking outdoors is fun, but also cumbersome since you have to bring cookware that are appropriate for the circumstance. For example, roasting sticks are held by hand and would be exposed to the flame more often. If the stick is made of pure stainless steel for example, you or your child will end up holding a really hot rod, consequently making you suffer from a burn. Else if the utensil is made of purely wood, the possibility of burning the not only your hand but also the material is highly likely.

  • Cleaning and Carrying

    Cooking is a basic task in camping or hiking but also the trickiest to accomplish, particularly because there are a lot of to-do and things to bring. Cookware should not be too heavy since you are likely to be taking long walks. Also, if the destination is far from a water source, cleaning the used cooking utensils can become a big problem, too.

Tips to Make Open Fire Cooking Safer and More Fun

Cooking in open flame can be one of the most enjoyable camping experiences you and your kids will remember in a long time, only if you remember these do’s and don’ts:

  • DO bring the right equipment made from materials that are safe to use in open fires. These are typically made with a stainless-steel body and wood handle, so that no harmful chemicals are mixed with the food, and you are protected from burns.
  • DON’T use equipment that take a lot of weight and space in your backpack. Lugging heavyweight materials can hurt your back and make you feel tired easily.
  • DO keep in mind to make a sizeable campfire suitable for cooking and is safe enough for kids to enjoy while waiting for their marshmallow to toast.
  • DON’T leave the fire unattended for long periods of time. Also, make sure to start the fire in a safe space to prevent unwanted damages to you and the environment.
  • DO use a durable and hygienic carrying bag for your cookware.

What Makes the Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Stick Your Next To-Buy Before Camping?

The Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Stick with Carrying Bag consists of four adjustable roasting sticks made with high quality materials and is expertly designed for maximum convenience and safety.

Features of the Barbeqa Telescoping Roasting Sticks

Adjustable and Detachable - the sticks can be extended, telescoping between 11 and 32 inches, ensuring that the hands are kept at a distance from the fire, preventing accidental burns.
The prongs can also be detached from the handle.

Firm grip - the sticks are designed with a special curvature that keeps food securely in place, especially safe for kids who are prone to dropping their skewered food into the flame.

Stainless steel forks, wooden handle - the stainless-steel finish of the forks is made from high quality and durable SS304, while the wooden handle is built to be sturdy and allows for comfortable grip, adding more protection from burning the hand while roasting food.

Big-roasting ends - the forks tips are bigger and lined to secure food, and can surely withstand high heat; no point of the welding can break off.

Carry - the set comes with a robust carry bag created from quality textile which makes for easy carrying and keeps all the roasting sticks dust-free and easy to clean.

How It Solves Your Roasting Woes

It is understandable to be cautious when it comes to cooking in open fire, but with Barbeqa Telescoping Roasting Sticks, you can take that worry to rest. The extendable stainless steel and wood design protects you and your kid from burning your hand while roasting.

You can also forget about bringing big and heavy cooking utensils to your trips, because these roasting sticks are absolutely lightweight yet sturdy. They are pretty easy to maintain, too: just wash with soap and water, and the dregs and streaks left from cooking will be washed off with no difficulty.

More importantly, you and your family’s health is a primary concern, and the Barbeqa Roasting Sticks definitely guarantees 100% safety and satisfaction. The materials are clean, nontoxic and eco-friendly, warranting you to enjoy your food without having to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals.

Warm and Delicious Night

Enjoy a warm and delicious night out with great nature while enjoying a hot piece of roasted marshmallow, and treat your kids to the beauty of campfire cooking with these high-quality roasting sticks. The design is especially tested and proven safe, convenient and easy to handle for your kids! Barbeqa manufactures camping equipment that are a delight to outdoor enthusiasts, and what’s more is that they are tough and long-lasting!

If you are an outdoorsy person and would love to bring your family to a camping night filled with fun and good food, you absolutely have to have the Barbeqa Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Stick in your things-to-bring list. With Barbeqa, no camping can ever be boring, so light that campfire and have a great, toasty night with your family and nature!

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